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Simple Bhadrakali Prayer in Malayalam – Powerful Bhadrakali Stuti

Bhadrakali Prayer is dedicated to the most fierce form of Mother Goddess. The lyrics of a simple Bhadrakali prayer in Malayalam is given below. Please note that the prayer can be converted into pdf format after writing it on notepad or word. It is the powerful Bhadrakali Stuti. The prayer can be chanted on all days. Bhadrakali Stuti is especially chanted on Pournami or full moon day and Amavasya. The prayer should be chanted also on Fridays and Tuesdays without fail. The prayer is mainly chanted to attain various siddhis. It is also chanted to overcome enemies and to destroy enemies. Simple Bhadrakali Prayer Malayalam Lyrics കാളി കാളി മഹാകാളീ - ഭദ്രകാളീ നമോസ്തുതേ കുലം ച കുലധര് ‍ മ്മം ച - മാം ച പാലയ പാലയ . Red color flowers should be offered to Mother Goddess while chanting the prayer.

Vadhu Pravesh Muhurat – How is Vadhu Grih Pravesh Muhurat Calculated?

Vadhu pravesh muhurat literally means the first time the bride entering the house of her husband. This custom is followed by many Hindu communities especially in north and western parts of India. Here is a brief idea on as to how vadhu grih pravesh muhurat is calculated. Fifth, seventh and ninth day after marriage is considered good in some regions. The bride can enter the house after 16 days of marriage in some regions. After 16 days, the family can chose an even number date to bring the bride. Dates like 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 etc are good. In some regions, the bride enters the house only after five years. In such cases, the bride can enter the house on any good date. Tuesday and Sunday are considered inauspicious in many regions for vadhu grih pravesh. In some regions, along with the two days even Wednesday is considered inauspicious. The bride entering the house on रिक्ता तिथि (rikth tithi) is considered inauspicious. The bad tithis are 4th, 9th and 14th day of a fortnight.