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Panch Teerth in Hinduism

Panch Teerth in Hinduism are the five holy places where Hindus can take a holy dip to wash away the sins and attain moksha (liberation). Panch Teerth are: Pushkar Kurukshetra Gaya Haridwar Prayag (Allahabad) At Pushkar, devotees take a holy dip from Kartik Shukla Ekadasi (November) to Kartik Purnima. The five days are considered highly auspicious. Holy dip taken during Grahan (eclipse) at Kurukshetra is meritorious. Thousands of devotees participate in the holy dip in the lake here during Solar Eclipse. Gaya is famous for Shradh. Taking a holy dip and performing rituals here liberate the souls of the ancestors. Haridwar is the gateway to Dev Bhumi and taking a holy dip in the Ganga washes away all sins. Prayag (Allahabad) is the spot where three holy rivers – Ganga, Yamuna, and Saraswati – meet. It is considered meritorious to take a holy dip here during Kumbh Mela, Magh Mela, and Ardh Kumbh Mela. Did you know Haridwar is also one among the Saptapuri – seven

How To Face Pain And Anger Due To Insults - Name Calling - Body shaming?

If you are looking for means to overcome the pain and anger due to insults, name calling and body shaming. Then this passage will be of great help. Insults - Name Calling  Pain and anger due to insults is because of wrong perception and our identification with our ego. Know that there is no I. It appears from the Supreme Truth like a bubble and will take another form any moment. It is this wrong identification that is the true problem. How we respond to a problem depends largely or in most cases, solely, on how we perceive the problem. If a mentally disturbed person were to call us names, we would not bother and would probably pray for that person’s welfare. On the other hand, if a healthy person were to verbally abuse us, we would not tolerate it and would come out with a fitting retort even before that person is finished. That would be our response because we perceive a threat in the verbal abuse.  Deeper thought would make us see our faulty perception in this instance.