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How to celebrate or perform rituals on Sri Krishna Jayanti?

Sri Krishna Janmashtami or Sri Krishna Jayanti is mainly celebrated in Lord Krishna or Vishnu temples. Hindu spiritual organizations conduct numerous programs like discourses, dramas and processions on the day.

A fasting is observed on the previous day by some communities in North India. But this is not followed by majority of people.

If you plan to celebrate or perform rituals at home on the day, the ideal method will be to recite the mantra ‘Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya.’ This can be done while performing pujas or throughout the day.

Pujas involve offering flowers and performing Arati.

Reciting or listening to Srimad Bhagavad Purna or Bhagavatam is highly auspicious on the day. Some devotees observe fast and spend time in temples or listening to discourses.

The main worship in temples takes place at midnight when Lord Krishna was born.

It must be remembered here that Lord Krishna is happy with anything that is offered to him in true devotion. Krishna was happy with sweat drenched …

Dahi Handi 2017 date

Dahi Handi 2017 date based on Marathi calendar followed in Maharashtra. Dahi Handi is observed a day after Sri Krishna Jayanti mainly in Maharashtra and Goa. Dahi Handi 2017 date is August 15. On the day young boys and girls form human pyramids to break open the Dahi Handi pots hung high above. The young men and women re-enact one of the favorite pastime of Lord Krishna – his stealing of Dahi from pots in houses in Vrindavan.

This ritual is also known as Gopalakala and the Dahi Handi pot which is hung at a considerable height is an open challenge to the young boys and girls in the area. The competition is organized by various organizations and societies.

The Dahi Handi pot contains Dahi poha – a mixture of beaten rice (poha), curd, sugar and pickle. The pot is also decorated with flowers and currency notes.

The young boys in the region form human pyramids, sometimes reaching up to eleven stories, to reach the pot.

You can read more about Dahi Handi, which is a perfect blend of adve…

Balaram Jayanti 2017 Date - Balram Jayanthi

Balaram Jayanti celebrates the appearance day of Lord Balaram, the elder brother of Lord Krishna. In 2017, the date of Balaram Jayanti is August 7 in some regions in South India. In North India, it is observed on August 13 - Baldev Chat. In some regions it is observed on the Akshaya Tritiya day that is on April 18, 2018. Balarama Jayanthi is observed on the Shravan Purnima (August) day in many regions in India. In some regions it is observed in Vaishakh month (April or May).

Lord Balaram was born as the seventh son of Devaki and Vasudeva. As Kamsa was killing all the children of his sister Devaki, an unborn Balaram was transferred to the womb of Rohini, another wife of Vasudeva. Balaram was thus born as the son of Rohini.

The popular belief is Lord Balram is an incarnation of Ananta – the snake on which Lord Krishna sleeps.

Special prayers are offered on this day in Lord Krishna temples. Lord Balaram symbolizes strength and devotees pray for physical strength and a healthy life.

In Or…

Our Desires Rob our Peace of Mind

We lose our peace of mind from the day we are controlled by our desires. And sadly this happens early in life and it continues till we die. As we die with desires, we are reborn again and again.

Desires rob us of our peace of mind while living on earth and it creates all sorts of troubles. But we do not realize it and we keep running after desires. Net result is that we are constantly in turmoil. Hardly did we get a desire fulfilled that another one has risen in the horizon.

To fulfill these desires we are forced to do lot of unwanted actions. Every action creates karma. These karmas creating accumulating. Finally, we end up in a maze created by desires and we do not know the exit. We do not know how to solve the maze and is reborn again and again in it in different forms – the cycle continues.

Desires harm our past, present and future.

One reason for desires overpowering and controlling us is because we are always searching for joy in the outside world. We are ready to take happine…

Hindu Calendar Today – August 13, 2017 – Tithi, Vrat, Good - Auspicious Time, Nakshatra, Rashi and Festivals

Tithi in Hindu Calendar, Today, on Sunday, August 13, 2017 – Krishna Paksha Sashti Tithi or the sixth day during the waning phase of moon inHindu calendar and Panchang in most regions. It is Krishna Paksha Sashti Tithi or the sixth day during the waning phase of moon till 7:39 PM on August 13. Then onward it is Krishna Paksha Saptami Tithi or the seventh day during the waning phase of moon till 5:40 PM on August 14.All time based on India Standard Time.
How is August 13, 2017, as per Hindu Panchang? – Good and auspicious time on the entire day. Nakshatra – Revati Nakshatra till 5:17 AM on August 13. Then onward it is Ashwini or Ashwathy Nakshatram till 4:15 AM on August 14.
In western parts of India (Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa and south Rajasthan), Revati Nakshatra till 5:50 AM on August 13. Then onward it is Ashwini or Ashwathy Nakshatram till 5:04 AM on August 14.
Rashi or Moon Sign – Meena Rashi till 5:17 AM on August 13. Then onward it is Mesha Rashi till 8:35 AM on August 15.
In we…