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Hanuman and Mermaid Sovan Macha – Story in Reamker, Cambodian Ramayana

The story of Hanuman and Mermaid Sovan Macha is found in Reamker, the Cambodian Ramayana . The monkey army on the orders of Bhagavan Sri Ram started the construction of the bridge to cross the ocean and reach Lanka. Ravana ordered his mermaid daughter, Sovan Macha, to destroy the bridge. She was the queen of the fishes and ruled over the ocean. The upper half of her body was that of a beautiful woman, while the lower half is that of a fish. She along with her companions started removing the stones placed by the monkey army. Worried and puzzled monkeys complained to Hanuman. Hanuman went into the ocean discovered that Sovan Macha and her companions were taking away the stones. He tried to capture them but it was impossible. Hanuman then explained to her about their mission to rescue Mata Sita . She and her companions then abandon the idea of destroying the bridge. After listening to the stories narrated by Hanuman, she falls in love with him and marries

Totke For Good Relationship Between Daughter-In-Law And Mother-In-Law

For a good relationship between daughter-in-law and mother-in-law, it is necessary to have the position of the kitchen in the correct place in the house. The kitchen should be in the agnikone or agri disha. Why Be A Proud Hindu? - Just A Tip Of Greatness Of Hindu Religion - Hampi Kitchen in the correct position There is a popular belief that if the kitchen in the house is not in the correct position then there will be difference of opinion and fights among people in the house. Kitchen should always be on the southeast portion of the house. If not possible, then the kitchen should be on the east side of the house. It is believed in many regions and by many communities that the constant fight between daughter-in-law and mother-in-law in a house is due to the wrong position of kitchen. Northeast and east is preferred because the first rays of sun falls directly in the kitchen. This brings in positive energy. Avoid Collecting Junk Collecting junk in the house is seen a