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Adi Badri Temple in Chamoli District in Uttarakhand – Story and Other Interesting Facts

Adi Badri Temple is located on the Karanprayag-Ranikhet road in Chamoli District in Uttarakhand. The belief is that it was the original abode of Lord Vishnu in Badrinath form before he moved to the present Badrinath temple. A 3 feet high murti of Bhagavan Vishnu is worshipped in the temple. The shrine is around 18 km from Karanprayag. Story of Adi Badri Temple The popular belief is that Bhagavan Vishnu resided as Badrinath at Adi Badri Temple in the first three yugas – Satya, Dwapara and Tretya Yugas. In Kali Yuga, he moved to the present Badrinath Temple. Another legend has it that in future, the road from Joshimath to Badrinath Temple will be blocked by a mountain. When this will happen the murti of Vishnu will be shifted to Adi Badri again. It is also believed that Bhagavad Gita was composed by Sage Vyasa here taking direct lessons from Vishnu. There are total sixteen temples cramped into a small space (12.5 meters X 25 meters). The most important among them is