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Vyatipata Yoga March 2016 Date and Time

Vyatipata Yoga, also known as Vyatipat Yog, is an inauspicious period in Tithi or day as per Hindu calendar and Panchang. It is bad for new beginnings etc. In March 2016 there is Vyatipata Yoga date and time – from 2:33 AM on March 4 to 1:19 AM on March 5. 10:04 AM on March 29 to 9:46 AM on March 30. All good activities are avoided during the period. The time period of Vyatipat is known as a period of calamity.
The popular belief is that things performed during the period will face reversals.
Those people who were born during the Vyatipata Yoga period might face difficulties in life as per Hindu astrology. The solution is to offer prayers to Ganesha.

There is nothing more foolish than trying to control another person

There is nothing more foolish than trying to control another person.

The only person we really have control is ourselves.

Giving freedom or letting go someone we love does not mean we do not care. It is just that we understand and love them more.

Everyone has dreams, goals likes and dislikes. For a healthy relationship, we need to respect them.
Excessive control will never yield positive results. Sometimes a bad experience will be the best teacher. After they have a bad experience, do not criticize by saying ‘I told you so.’ Help the person you love. This way the bond will be stronger.