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Jyotirling Sashti

Jyotirling Sashti is observed in Chaitra month. Nothing much is known about this auspicious day mainly marked in certain calendars in Western parts of India. Jyotirling Sashti 2025 date is April 3.

It is observed on the Chaitra Shukla Paksha Sashti tithi or the sixth day during the waxing phase of moon in Chaitra month as per traditional Hindu lunar calendar followed in Western parts of India especially in Maharashtra.

Did you know?
  • Jyotirlinga is a Sanskrit expression consisting of two words, namely 'Jyotii' meaning light and 'Lingd’ signifying the 'Brahmand’ (comos). Jyotirlingas are the sacred places where Lord Siva manifested Himself.
  • A darshan of Jyotirlinga bestows both worldly pleasures and salvation.
  • Somnath Jyotirlinga is established in the Prabhasa region of Gujarat on the shore of the ocean.
  • Srisailam Jyotirlinga is established on Mount Shaila on the bank of River Krishna in Andhra Pradesh.
  • There is a confusion regarding Vaidyanath Jyotirlinga. According to one text, Vaidyanath Jyotirlinga of Lord Shiva is at Devdharin Jasidih (Deoghar). However, according to another text, this Jyotirlinga is situtated in a Shiva temple of Parali village in Beed District. According to Shiva Purana and Brihad-dharma the Vaidyanath situated in the Santhal Pargana of Bengal, is the real Jyotirlinga because of its being located in a cremation ground.
  • The Jyotirlingas are taken as the supreme, undivided reality out of which Shiva partly appears. The Jyotirlinga shrines are the places where Shiva is believed to have appeared as a fiery column of light. Initially, there was a belief to have been 64 Jyotirlingas and 12 of them were considered very auspicious.
  • A jyotirlinga is said to be of divine origin, and each one has a unique legend associated with its creation. These divine lingas are spread all over India from Kedarnath in Uttaranchal in the extreme north, to the southernmost in Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu