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Hindu Teaching is Simple and Therefore We Fail to Understand It

The real reason why we fail to understand the true teachings of Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism) is because it is simple. This simple teaching is – Everything is Supreme Truth (God). We have allergy to simple things. So, we have transformed this simple teaching into complicated rituals and even more complicated philosophy. We have created complicated Gods and we sit and solve the complication daily.

All Hindu scriptures and all Gurus are sharing the same thought. They might be saying it in a different way but the essence is same – all animate and inanimate is Supreme Truth.

When this is teaching is understood and cemented in our mind all our problems are solved.

We can deal with any challenge that the life throws at us. We will not be bothered about success and failure. We will not be overpowered by attachment, disappointments and desires. Anger will not shake us up.

A person who has understood this teaching will wake up every day and do his/her karma without bothering about success or failure.