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Showing posts from February 14, 2016

God Does Not Create Obstacles in Life

What we call obstacles in life is due to desire, ego or attachment to fruits of every action. The only way to overcome obstacles is life is to perform one’s duty with dedication, honesty and without attachment to the results.

God does not create obstacles in life. It is we who create obstacles – the main reason for this is ignorance. Once true knowledge dawns, all obstacles will disappear.

Visiting an exotic place to find mental peace is just waste of money and time. Mental peace is not based on external factors. It is purely based on internal factors. Turn inwards to find peace. The internal road is bumpy and confusing in the beginning, as we have never tried this road before. But after the initial bumps and hiccups the road will be smooth. Soon you will discover mental peace even in a busy market place.
Be passionate and honest about what we do, pursuing it will bring in inner satisfaction.