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Sri Ramachandra Swamy Temple at Jeedical near Jangaon in Telangana

Dedicated to Lord Ram, Sri Ramachandra Swamy Temple at Jeedical near Jangaon is an ancient shrine with reference to the Ramayana epic. The shrine is located around 10 km from Jangaon. It is believed that Bhagavan Sri Ram visited the place during his search of Mata Sita. It is believed that Sri Ram killed Demon Maricha who was in guise of a golden deer here. Two holy ponds near the shrine is of great importance.

Inavolu Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple in Telangana – Ancient Shiva Temple at Inavolu near Warangal

Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple at Inavlolu village near Warangal is an ancient Shiva temple built prior to Kakatiyas around 700 AD and developed by Kakatiya rulers. Inavolu Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple is located on the Warangal – Khammam Road and is around 12 KM from Warangal Town. Shiva is worshipped here as Mallikarjuna Swamy. It is a fierce form with stern looking eyes. The murti has four hands and they hold sword, vessel of blood, Dhamaru or hourglass drum and trident or trishul. His right leg stamps on the head of demons. Golla Kethamma and Balija Medalamma are his consorts. The Shivling worshipped in the shrine is unique and rare. Only half of the Yonipitha or panavattam is visible. The Shivling has a canopy of five-hooded snake and is covered with gold. The temple is noted for its architectural beauty especially the Keerti Toranams. The main festival in the temple coincides with the Bhogi and Sankranti festival in Telangana in January month. The festival ends three mo

Ganesh Yatra at Rethare Budruk near Karad

Ganesh Yatra at Rethare Budruk is held in Bhadrapad month. It is the annual fair and festival dedicated to Hindu God Ganesha observed at Rethare Budruk near Karad in Maharashtra. The festival coincides with the yearly Ganesh Chaturthi festival. Ganesh Yatra 2024 date at Rethare Budruk is September 11. Hundreds of people participate in the Yatra associated with Ganpati. It is widely believed that participating in the annual yatra will help in attaining the blessing of Ganesha. Ganesh Yatra at Rethare Budruk is annually observed on Bhadrapad Shukla Paksha Ashtami tithi or the eighth day during the waxing phase of moon in Bhadrapad month as per traditional Hindu lunar calendar followed in Maharashtra.

Bhedabheda Philosophy in Hinduism

Bhedabheda Philosophy in Hinduism states that Unity or Oneness and Multiplicity are equally real. The Absolute is one and multiple forms evolve from that. The origin of Bhedabheda Philosophy can be traced to the writings of Badarayana. The philosophy highly influenced the Bhakti movement during the medieval period in India . Two of the most famous exponents of Bhedabheda Philosophy are Vallabha (1479-1531 CE), founder of the Pushtimarg devotional sect, and Chaitanya (1485-1533 CE), the founder of the Gaudiya Vaishnava sect. Other popular teachers of ancient India associated with the philosophy are Bhaskara, Yadava Prakasa, Nimbarka and Vijnanabhiksu.

Atma Gajanan Bhadra Utsav at Angapur Vandan in Satara

Atma Gajanan Bhadra Utsav is held in Bhadrapad month. It is the important religious festival at Angapur Vandan in Satara. Atma Gajanan Bhadra Utsav 2024 date is September 8. Hundreds of people participate in this annual ritual held in Bhadra month. Some of the important events during the period include: Satsang Food donation. Distribution of food among devotees. Prayer meetings. Philanthropic activities. Atma Gajanan Mahotsav is observed on Bhadrapad Shukla Paksha Panchami tithi or the fifth day during the waxing phase of moon in Bhadrapad month as per traditional Hindu lunar calendar followed in Maharashtra.

Thirunallar Shani Temple in Karaikal

One of the most popular Shani Temples in India is located at Thirunallar near Karaikal a part of Union Territory Pondicherry. There is a misconception that this Shani Shrine, or Saturn temple, is located in Tamil Nadu. The greatness of the Thirunallur temple is attributed to the unique idol of Lord Shani as he stands blessing the devotee – abhayahastham. This is a very rare phenomenon and therefore thousands of devotees who believe they are badly affected by Shani visit the shrine to get his blessings. Shani, or Sani, is one among the navagrahas and is believed to create problems in the life of people, especially by those people who keep close track of their horoscope and believe in astrology.

Hanuman Chalisa in Bengali in pdf – Download Hanuman Chalisa Lyrics in pdf in Bengali for Free

Hanuman Chalisa, composed by Goswami Tulsidas, is the most popular prayer (bhajans) dedicated to Hanuman. Below is the link to Hanuman Chalisa pdf Bengali text. You can download it for free. The Bengali lyrics is uploaded in google drive. There is no authorization required for downloading. It is absolutely free. For easy download you need to be logged into gmail or any other google product. The chalisa is created by Gita Press, Gorakhpur. Link -  Hanuman Chalisa Bengali in pdf

Hanuman Chalisa Lyrics in Kannada in pdf format – Download for free

Hanuman Chalisa is one of the most popular prayers dedicated to Hindu God Hanuman. The prayer was composed by Goswami Tulsidas and chanted daily by millions of Hindus. This is a pdf version of the Hanuman Chalisa in Kannada.  This free version of the lyrics in Kannada text is provided by website Prapatti. You can download   Hanuman Chalisa in pdf in Kannadahere . You will need to have pdf reader installed in your browser to read or download the text. 

Govinda Damodara Stotram in Hindi in pdf – Govinda Damodara Stotram Lyrics in Hindi

Govinda Damodara Stotram is dedicated to Bhagavan Sri Krishna. The prayer sings the glory of Krishna. Below is the link to Govinda Damodara lyrics in Hindi in pdf format. The prayer is chanted for blessings from Krishna. Those couples who are looking to have a child also chant it. This is the short format of the prayer. The pdf document is credited to Prapatti. Link – Govinda Damodara Stotram in Hindi in pdf

Abhishekam with Milk Brought from outside Not to be allowed in Kashi Vishwanath Temple in Varanasi

Adulterated milk is causing problems in many temples in India . The Kashi Vishwanath Temple in Varanasi will not be allowing devotees to perform abhishekam on the main Shivling in the temple with milk brought from outside. The temple committee will set up a branded milk store in the temple complex for devotees to buy milk. Deccan Herald reports Temple authorities said the management has decided that only branded milk would be allowed to be offered on the ‘Shivlinga’.  “We have decided not to allow milk procured from elsewhere to used for the purpose of offerings,” said a senior official associated with the temple management. He said that the non-branded milk sold in the open market was often adulterated. “There have been reports that chemicals and other things are mixed with the milk,” he added.  The temple management has entered into an agreement with a state sector dairy firm for sale of branded milk outside the temple. “Milk packets will be available for Rs 5 and

Mahabharata by C Rajagopalachari in Pdf – Download Book for free

Mahabharata Retold by C Rajagopalachari is a very popular condensed version of the Epic Mahabharat. Written in simple English, the book narrates all the important incidents in the Mahabharata in nutshell. The American Gita society is offering the Mahabharata Retold by C Rajagopalachari in pdf format. You can download it for free. The version provided by American Gita Society is edited by Edited by Jay Mazo. Link  –  Download Mahabharata Retold by C Rajagopalachari in pdf