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Kamakhya Temple Idol – Unique Natural Formation Symbolizing Yoni

Kamakhya Temple in the Nilachal hills in Guwahati is one of the most important centers of Shakti worship in India . But the Kamkhya Temple does not have an idol or image of Shakti or any of her forms like Sati or Kamakya, Durga, Parvati or Kali. What is worshipped is a natural crevice in a rock that symbolizes the ‘Yoni’ (female genitalia or vagina). The rock cut in the shape of a yoni is surrounded by a pool created by an underground spring or stream. Kamakhya Temple is one among the 51 Hindu Shakti piths. Legend has it that Lord Shiva was carrying the body of his dead wife Sati around the world. There seemed to be no end to Shiva’s anger and grief. This led to an imbalance in the universe. Finally, Lord Vishnu decided to decimate the body of Sati with his Sudhrashana Chakra. He cut the body of Sati into 51 pieces. It is believed that ‘Yoni’ of Sati fell at the spot where the present Kamakhya Temple stands. During the Ambubasi Festival (June – July), the wa

Hanumanth Maharaj Punyatithi at Wavarhire near Satara

Hanumanth Maharaj Punyatithi is observed in Shravan month. It is the death anniversary of Hanumanth Maharaj. The day is of significance at Wavarhire near Satara. Hanumanth Maharaj Punyatithi 2023 date is September 14. Hanumanth Maharaj spread the teaching of Dharma – truth and equality. Hundreds of devotees participate in the satsang, prayer meetings and charity organized on the day. Food donation, discussion of his teachings and pledge to help the poor are done on the day. Hanumantha Maharaj Punyatithi is annually observed on Shravan Amavasya Tithi or the no moon day in Shravan month as per traditional Hindu lunar calendar followed in Maharashtra.

Durdareshwar form of Shiva – Durdhareshwar Mahadev

Durdarshwar form of Shiva is worshipped in Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh. It is one of the 84 forms of Shiva worshipped in Ujjain. Durdhareshwar Mahadev is mentioned in the Skanda Purana. This form is worshipped for attaining desire fulfillment. The story of Durdhareshwar Mahadev is associated with a king of Nepal. The temple dedicated to Durdareshwar Mahadev is located on the Gandhavati ghat on the banks of Shipra River. Durdhareshwar Mahadev is counted among the 84 Shiva Temples in Ujjain and it is the 70th temple visited during the parikarama of Shiavalayas here. Story of Durdhareshwar Mahadev There once lived a king in Nepal named Durdhar. Once during a hunting expedition he met a beautiful girl. They fell in love. The girl was the daughter of Kalp Muni. The king asked for the girl’s hand in marriage and the saint agreed. After the marriage, the king stayed in ashram of Kalp Muni. After few days, a demon appeared in the forest and he kidnapped the

Naga Chaturthi – Nag Chaturti Upvas

Naga Chaturthi Upvas is dedicated to Nagas or Snakes and is observed on the fourth day of the Shukla Paksha (waxing phase of moon) in the month of Shravan . In 2023, the date of Naga Chaturthi is August 20. The day after Naga Chaturthi is Naga Panchami, one of the most popular festivals dedicated to Nagas. Special pujas and rituals are held on the day. Update: Naga Chaturthi part of Nagula Chavithi in Andhra Pradesh is on November 17, 2023. Naga Chaturthi is of great importance in parts of Maharashtra , Karnataka and in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Some people fast from morning to evening and only consume a single meal on the day. Special Naga pujas are held on the day. Some Hindu communities fast during the daytime and eat food only after sunset. Some people avoid salt and deep fried on the day. It must be noted that Naga Chaturthi is held in the Kartik month in some regions.

Importance of Dhanushkodi in Hinduism – Religious Significance of Dhanushkodi in Hindu Religion

Dhanushkodi is located around 18 km from Rameswaram Temple in Tamil Nadu, India. Dhanushkodi of great importance in Hinduism as it is the starting point of the bridge built by Bhagavan Sri Ram and Vanarasena in the Ramayana across the sea to reach Lanka. The religious significance of the place also stems from the fact that holy waters or tirthas of the entire universe is present at Dhanushkodi Tirtham and taking a holy dip here is considered highly meritorious in Hindu religion. The bridge, built between Dhanushkodi and Lanka by the vanarasena, was 80 miles wide and 800 miles long. After the battle was won and when Rama returned to Dhanushkodi, Vibhishana asked Rama to break the bridge, as it should not become an easy path for attackers to reach Lanka. Therefore, upon the request of Vibhisana, Sri Ram cut the bridge into three. From the spot where he broke up the bridge, Bhagavan called upon all the holy waters and tirthas of the entire universe to enter into the wate

Kothandaramaswamy Temple at Rameswaram

Kothandaramaswamy Temple at Rameswaram is dedicated to Bhagavan Sri Ram. The temple is located around Rameshwaram and is also known as Kothandaramar Temple or Kothandarama Swamy. Legend has it that at the place where the temple stands, Lord Ram conducted the coronation or Pattabhishekam of Vibhishana brother of Demon King Ravana. After the victory against Ravana, Vibhishana was made the king of Lanka. The murtis in the shrine are old but the shrine is a new construction. The walls of the temple are adorned with beautiful paintings that depict the story of Ramayana. With sea on three sides, the shrine provides some breathtaking views.

Villoondi Theertham near Rameswaram - Fresh Water Well in Sea near Rameshwaram Temple

Villoondi Theertham near Rameswaram is a miraculous place as one can get fresh water near the salty seawater. Villoondi Tirtham is around 7 km from Rameshwaram Temple on the main road connecting to Pamban. Legend has it that Bhagavan Sri Ram created a well within the sea using his bow and arrow to satisfy Mata Sita’s thirst. When his bow struck the ground underneath the sea, a fountain of freshwater appeared. The well can be seen within the sea and is connected by a narrow walking bridge.

Hanuman Temple in Texas – Marakata Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple Opens at Frisco in Texas

Dedicated to Lord Hanuman, Marakata Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple at Frisco in Texas in United States is associated with Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji of Avadhoota Datta Peetham of Mysuru (India). The shrine is located in a 34,000 square-foot land and the estimated cost of construction is over $11 million. Hanuman is the main deity in the shrine. Apart from this there are murtis of Ganapati, Shiva, Rajeshwari, Ram Parivar, Venkateshwara, Dattatreya, Subramanyam, Ayyappa and Nagendra. The shrine has a cultural center, multi-purpose hall, homa-kund, yoga center and six classrooms. Mahakumbabishekam was held on July 18, 2015. Murti Pratishta was held on July 23, 2015.

Devaraja Panchakam in Tamil in pdf - Devaraja Panchakam Lyrics in Tamil

Devaraja Panchakam Stotra is a popular prayer dedicated to Srihari Vishnu. The prayer is chanted on all days by Vaishanva devotees. It is also chanted on special occasions dedicated to the avatars of Vishnu. This particular Devaraja Panchakam prayer is in Tamil in pdf format. It contains the lyrics in Tamil. The file is provided by Sundar Kidambi of Prapatti . com Link  –  Dasavatara Stotra in Tamil

Dasavatara Stotra in Telugu in pdf - Dasavatara Lyrics in Telugu

Dasavatara Stotra is a popular prayer dedicated to the ten Avatars of Srihari Vishnu. The prayer is chanted on all days by Vaishanva devotees. It is also chanted on special occasions dedicated to the avatars of Vishnu. This particular Dasavatara Stotra prayer is in Telugu in pdf format. It contains the lyrics in Telugu. The file is provided by Sundar Kidambi of Prapatti . com Link  –  Dasavatara Stotra in Telugu

Damodarastakam in Telugu in pdf format

Damodarastakam is a popular prayer dedicated to Sri Krishna. The prayer is chanted on all days in Kartik month. It is also chanted on special occasions dedicated to Sri Krishna. This particular Damodarastakam prayer is in Telugu in pdf format. It contains the lyrics with meaning and explanation in Telugu. The file is provided by Sundar Kidambi of Prapatti . com Link  –  Damodarastakam in Telugu Know more about Damodara Damodara or Damodar is one among the twelve important names of Lord Vishnu. Sri Krishna got the name Damodar when He as a child was tied to a grinding mortar by Yashoda, His foster mother at Vrindavan. Story of Sri Krishna moving the wooden grinding mortar ends when he pulls it through two trees that were standing close by in Vrindavan.  This he did to give moksha to Devas who were cursed by Sage Narada. Sri Damodara Ashtakam from the Padma Purana is chanted by devotees in the Kartik Month. Benefits of Chanting Damodara Ashtakam Moksha or liberatio