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Narasimha Avatar and Goddess Lakshmi

Narasimha is the fourth incarnation of Lord Vishnu and the aim of the divine incarnation of half-man half-lion was to save the world from the clutches of Hiranakashipu, the demon king. Narasimha incarnation was also the result of the unwavering devotion of Prahlad the young devotee Vishnu. But fiery Narasimha threatened to destroy the world and it was Goddess Lakshmi who calmed him down.
Hiranakashipu as a result of intense austerities (Tapas) got a boon from Brahma that he will not be killed either by a man or a beast, neither will he be killed indoors or outdoors and nor during day or night. Armed with such a powerful boon, Hiranakashipu asked the people to worship him and not Vishnu. He over powered the Devas and people started worshipping him except for his son Prahlad.
Child Prahlad displayed exemplary courage and worshipped Vishnu before Hiranakashipu. Hiranyakashipu tried several methods to change his son’s mind. When the attempts failed, he tried to eliminate the boy but each …

Aavani Moolam – Festival on Avani Moolam Nakshatram at Madurai

Aavani Moolam is a unique festival observed in Tamil culture on the Moolam Nakshatram day in Aavani month (August – September). Aavani Moolam 2018 date is August 21. Aavani Moolam festival is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The most important Aavani Moolam festival and rituals are held at the MaduraiMeenakshiTemple.

Special processions are held on the day in MaduraiMeenakshiTemple. The festival is basically dedicated to the reenactment of a famous incident involving Lord Shiva. Also known as Puttu festival, Aavani Moolam is based on a local legend and is referred as the sport of carrying soil for the wages of rice pudding.

An important legend in which Lord Shiva sends his Ganas as horses to keep the promise of Saint Manikkavasagar is believed to have happened on Avani Moolam day.

Story of Demon Mali

Demon Mali is known in Hindu scriptures of his valor. He was the son of Sukesa and his wife Devavati. Story of demon Mali is found in the Uttara Ramayana.
Mali along with his two brothers, Sumali and Malyavan, performed intense austerities and pleased Brahma. When Brahma appeared before them, they asked the following boons –
They must be invincible, They must be destroyers of their enemies, They must have long life They must become rich and powerful  and They must ever remain friendly to each other
After becoming powerful, they ordered Vishwakarma to build a magnificent palace in Lanka. The brothers married and lived happily here.
Once the three demons attacked Devaloka. Vishnu came to the aid of the Devas and Demon Mali was killed by Vishnu using his discus – Sudarshana Chakra.

Sheetala Saptami in Shravan Month

Sheetala Saptami, or Shitala Saptmi, is dedicated to Goddess Sheetala Mata and is observed on the seventh day during the waxing phase of moon in the month of Shravan (July – August). Shitala Saptami 2018 date is August 17. Goddess Sheetla Devi is worshipped to protect children and to escape from disease like Chicken Pox.

The day is of great importance in rural regions in India. Thousands of devotees visit the temple dedicated to Sheetla Mata. Some people do ‘mundan’ – complete removal of hair from head. Some people perform various rituals for a happy and peaceful life.

In some regions on Sheetala Saptami day people eat only food prepared on the previous day.

Please note that Sheetala Saptami is also observed during the seventh day during waning phase of moon in Chaitra Month.

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Mahalaxmi Utsav at Peth Vadgaon near Kolhapur

Mahalaxmi Utsav at Peth Vadgaon is annually observed in Shravan month. It is the fair and festival at the Goddess Lakshmi temple located at Peth Vadgaon near Kolhapur. Mahalaxmi Utsav 2018 date is September 7.
The Goddess is popularly referred as Amba Bai.

Mahalaxmi Talab and Mandir is one of the important religious spot in Peth Vadgaon.
The annual fair and festival attracts scores of devotees. The murti of Goddess Lakshmi is specially decorated for the occasion. Numerous spiritual activities are held during the period.
Mahalaxmi Utsav at Peth Vadgaon is observed on Shravan Krishna Paksha Trayodasi Tithi or the 13th day during the waning phase of moon as per traditional Hindu lunar calendar followed in Maharashtra.

Goddess Saranyu – About Hindu Goddess Saranyu

Goddess Saranyu is the wife of Surya, the sun god in Hinduism. She was also the Hindu goddess of animals. The popular belief is that Saranyu is the mother of all animals, including mythic creatures. She is worshipped as the clouds and the dawn.
From the union of Surya and Saranyu came the horse-headed Ashwins, as well as the god of death Yama and his sister Yami.
However, Goddess Saranyu was unhappy with her married life due to the unbearable heat of Surya. 
She hid in the wilderness disguised as a mare to avoid Surya’s intense brilliance. When she left, she disguised her handmaiden Chhaya in her place.
She was able to remain away for years, until Yama annoyed Chhaya who kicked him so hard that the child was wounded. This alerted Surya to the deception of her wife and he found his true wife.
Goddess Saranyu is often depicted with the attributes of a mare.

Sant Mahipati Maharaj Punyatithi at Taharabad near Rahuri in Ahmednagar District

Sant Mahipati Maharaj Punyatithi is annually observed in Shravan month. It is the death anniversary of Mahpati Maharaj, who wrote biographies of prominent Hindu saints in Maharashtra. Sant Mahipati Maharaj Punyatithi 2018 date is September 7.

The day is of great importance at Taharabad near Rahuri in Ahmednagar District. A memorial and temple dedicated to the saint is located here. One can have glimpse of the padukas of the saint here.
Sant Mahipati Maharaj’s (1715 - 1790) literary works on the lives of Warkari saints are considered most authoritative.
The punyatithi is annually observed on Shravan Krishna Paksha Dwadasi Tithi or the 12th day during the waning phase of moon as per traditional Hindu lunar calendar followed in Maharashtra.


Manvantara is a period of time in Hinduism. The period of time is found mainly in Harivamsa and certain Puranas. The concept of Manvantara is not widely mentioned in the Epics – Mahabharata and Ramayana.
A Manvantara is said to consist of a total of just over 71 Mahayugas. There is no exact count as it is given differently in different scriptures.
Each Mahayuga lasts for a total of 12000 Divine years or 4,320,000 human years.
There are 14 Manvantaras – this is equal to 1000 Mahayugas or 4,320,000,000 human years. It is the measure of a Kalpa or day of brahma.
At the end of each kalpa there is the dissolution of the entire three worlds.
There after follows the night of Brahma – of equal duration to one day of Brahma –, which is in turn followed by a further new day of Brahma, consisting again of 14 Manvantaras.

What is the Name of Telugu Translation of Mahabharata?

Kavitraya or three poets – Nannaya, Tikkana and Errana, wrote the Telugu translation of Mahabharata. Nannaya lived in the 11th century; Tikkana in the 13th century and Errana in the 14th century. Therefore, what is the Telugu Translation of the Sanskrit Mahabharata written by the three poets.
Telugu Translation of Mahabharata is known as Kavitraya Bharatamu.

How to Observe Kavadi Vratam? – Fasting and Rituals Associated With Taking Kavadi to Muruga Temple

Kavadi vratam is the fasting and rituals observed before carrying or taking kavadi to Muruga temples. Here is a brief account regarding the rules and on how to observe Kavadi vratam.
The Muruga devotees who carry the kavadi observe strict austerities for 3, 7, 9, 13 or 15 days before the pilgrimage. The austerities include eating only vegetarian food - abstaining from sex, alcohol, smoking and other intoxicating materials. Taking early morning bath. Offering prayers daily to Muruga. Chanting mantras or prayers associated with Muruga.
The devotee wear kavi, or saffron cloth, while carrying kavadi. Some people wear Kavadi during the entire period. Some devotees only wear it while taking Kavadi.
In some regions, those taking kavadi go to a certain number of houses and take alms – mostly of friends, neighbors and relatives.
The austerities end on the day the devotee returns home after pilgrimage.

To fight pollution image of Goddess Kali projected on New York's Empire State Building

Artist Andrew Jones designed the portrait of Goddess Kali, which was projected on New York's Empire State Building to fight pollution and extinction of various species. The artist was sending the message that Mother Nature now more than ever needs the fierce avatar of Goddess Kali to fight the dangers of pollution and extinction.
As per Hinduism, Earth is our mother. Goddess Kali is that fierce form of Mother Goddess that is beyond imagination and description. She takes this form when Adharma (evil) has completely overtaken Mother Earth.

Goddess Kali Story Symbolism of Darkness associated with Goddess Kali Sri Ramakrishna on Goddess Kali
Red Shoe Flower and Goddess Kali

Self-consciousness is in its very nature the result of conflict - J Krishnamurti Thoughts

Sex is a problem because it would seem that in that act there is complete absence of the Self. In that moment you are happy, because there is the cessation of self-consciousness, of the “me”; and desiring more of it – more of the abnegation of the self in which there is complete happiness, without the past or the future – demanding that complete happiness through full fusion, integration, naturally it becomes all important. Isn’t that so?
Because it is something that gives me unadulterated joy, complete self-forgetfulness, I want more and more of it. Now why do I want more of it? Because everywhere else I am in conflict, everywhere else, at all the different levels of existence, there is the strengthening of the Self. Economically, socially, religiously, there is the constant thickening of self-consciousness, which is conflict. After all, you are self-conscious only when there is conflict. Self-consciousness is in its very nature the result of conflict.
So, the problem is not sex, su…