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Sant Baba Maharaj Arvikar Jayanti

Sant Baba Maharaj Arvikar was a popular modern saint in Maharashtra who worked tirelessly to spread the message of divine love and equality of all living beings. Sant Baba Maharaj Arvikar Jayanti 2018 date is August 25. The followers of Baba Maharaj Arvikar believe that he was an incarnation of Sri Krishna.
Baba Maharaj Arvikar Jayanti is annually observed in Shravan month as per traditional calendar followed in Maharashtra. Shravan Shukla Paksha Chaturdashi Tithi.
He strongly advocated that all people can attain moksha through devotion – his teachings echo the thoughts of the great Bhakti Saints of Maharashtra.
For attaining spiritual self realization he asked his followers to follow four paths – morning meditation, evening prayer, self teaching and cleaning of environment through spiritual work.

Sri Ramana Maharishi on the term Upadesha

The term ‘upadesha’ literally means restoring an object nearest to its true and proper place.
The mind of the disciple having become differentiated from its true and primal state of Pure Being, or the Self, which the scriptures describe as Sat Chi Ananda, Being Consciousness Bliss, slips away from it and, assuming the form of thought, ever runs after the objects of sense gratification.
Thus, the mind gets buffeted and battered by the vicissitudes of life and becomes weak and dispirited. Now, Upadesa, or spiritual instruction, consists in the Master restoring the mind of the disciple to its primal state and effectively preventing it from slipping away from the state of Pure Being, of absolute identity with the Self, or, in other words, the spiritual Being of the Master.

The term ‘upadesa’ may also be understood as presenting an apparently distant object to one’s near view; i.e., it consists in the Master showing to the disciple, as immediate and identical with the disciple, that whi…