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Hanuman 108 names in English– Hanuman 108 Namavali in English in pdf

Chanting 108 names of Hanuman is considered highly meritorious. Below is the link to Hanuman 108 Namavali in English in pdf. The names can be chanted on all days. You can also select one particular name from the list and chant daily. The text is in Hindu language text. Chanting the mantra on Hanuman Jayanti is highly meritorious.
It is highly auspicious to chant the mantra on Tuesday and Saturday.
It is chanted for gaining self confidence and for peace and prosperity.
Those facing problems related to Shani Bhagavan in life will get relief by remembering the names of Hanuman on Saturday.

LinkHanuman 108 names in English

Practise spiritual discipline in solitude and obtain the butter of knowledge and love – Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

Practise spiritual discipline in solitude and obtain the butter of knowledge and love. Even if you keep that butter in the water of the world the two will not mix. The butter will float.
You see, one must practise spiritual discipline to understand this correctly. Suppose, there are treasures in a room. If you want to see them and lay hold of them, you must take the trouble to get the key and unlock the door. After that you must take the treasures out. But suppose the room is locked, and standing outside the door you say to yourself: ‘Here I have opened the door. Now I have broken the lock of the chest. Now I have taken out the treasure.’ Such brooding near the door will not enable you to achieve anything. You must practise discipline.
One cannot see God without purity of heart. Through attachment  the mind has become stained — covered with dirt, as it were. A magnet cannot attract a needle if the needle is covered with mud. Wash away the mud and the magnet will draw it.
Sri Ramakrish…

Thayumanavar – Shiva who became the mother – Story of Thayumanavar Form of Shiva

Thayumanavar Temple is located near Tiruchi in Tamil Nadu and the story of this form of Shiva is associated with Him coming to the aid of a pregnant woman in the form of her mother.
An ardent female devotee of Shiva lived on the banks of River Kaveri. She used to daily offer prayers to Shiva on a nearby temple atop a hillock. She was pregnant and the delivery time was nearby when heavy rains flooded the river. This prevented her mother who was on the other bank of river from attending on the woman’s delivery.
The delivery time neared and the woman was in intense labor pain. There was no one to help her. She pleaded Lord Shiva to come to help her.
Suddenly, her mother arrived, did the delivery and went away.
As the rain subsided, the actual mother of the woman came and apologized for not making it on time.
Then only did the woman realize that Lord Shiva himself came in the form of her mother and did the delivery.
The god on the hill temple got the name as Thaymanavar god who also beca…