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Malhari Martand – Avatar of Hindu God Shiva

Malhari Martand is an avatar of the Rudra form of Hindu God Shiva. The Malhari Martand history indicates that the deity had it origin in  South India . Origin and story of Malhari Martand is found in the ‘Malhari Mahatmya'. The story suggests that Malhari Martand appeared to annihilate demons Mani and Malla and restore Dharma. Legend has it that demons Mani and Malla became powerful by performing intense Tapas (austerities) dedicated to Brahma. After several years Brahma gave them boons. With unimaginable power on their disposal, Mani and Malla started harassing saints, Devas (demi gods) and humans. They created havoc and disturbed the peaceful life on earth and heaven. Manichurna   Mountain  the abode of several holy persons was captured by Mani and Malla. Unable to tolerate their violence, saints, humans and demigods approached Shiva. Shiva brought out several lieutenants from his matted lock to fight Mani and Malla and went to  Manichurna   Mountain . He hims

How Ficus Krishnae Tree or Krishna Fig got the name Krishna’s Butter Cup?

Ficus Krishnae Tree, or Krishna Fig Tree, is known as Makhan Katori or Krishna Badh in local languages. The leaf of the tree is in the shape of a cup – Krishna ’s Butter Cup. There is an interesting story which narrates how the leaves of the tree got the shape of a leaf. It is said that in the beginning, the leaves of Krishna Fig tree were straight and it did not have the cup shape. A naughty episode of Krishna was responsible for the leaves taking cup shape. Krishna ’s love for butter is very famous and equally famous is his notorious ways of stealing it from the houses in Vrindavan. Once while stealing butter Krishna was caught red-handed by Mata Yashoda. To escape from her punishment, Krishna rolled the butter in a leaf of Ficus Krishnae. The leaves of Krishna Fig took the shape of a cup after this incident – ever since it remained in the same shape as Krishna had rolled it. When Mata Yashoda was scolding Krishna for stealing, the butter in his hand melted and

Mars in 12th house – What are the results or effects of Mars in 11th House?

Mars in 12th house is both good and bad. Depending on the position of other planets it might burn malefic. Here are the results or effects of Mars in 12th house. Will have good spouse. Will have leadership qualities. Will have good children. Siblings will be helpful. Mars in 12 and Ketu in 3 is considered highly meritorious. The person will be rich and powerful. Mars in 12 and Sun in 3 or 11 is highly beneficial. Wearing red ruby will be helpful. Donating red color things are also useful. Note  - Depending on the placement of other navgrahas, a person might not suffer all problems. Sometimes all the good might turn bad due to bad positioning of other planets. 

Importance of Aarti in Hindu Puja – Why Aarti is Performed during Worship in Hindu Religion

Aarti is an ancient form of Hindu puja. Its origin is traced to the Dravidian culture. Aarti is also known as Artrik, Artikya or Mahaniranjana. During worship in Hindu religion an aarti is performed when a flat silver, copper or gold platter with tiny containers with lighted wicks is moved in a clockwise direction before the murti (idol). It is performed to bring good luck, longevity, peace, prosperity and happiness. While performing aarti, devotional songs are sun to the rhythm of cymbals, ringing of bells or the beating of drums etc. The aarti is performed to atone for our misdeeds and seek redemption. Aarti is also performed to honor kings, commanders of armies, pandits, scholars and other important dignitaries. It is believed that Aarti was originally performed to ward off the evil eye of spirits, imps and other evil persons. For some communities it is customary to perform aarti before the bride and groom during marriage ceremony. This is to bring prosperit

Topaz Mantra or Prayer – Yellow or Golden Topaz Ring Mantra Before Wearing

The mantra or prayer associated with birthstone Topaz is dedicated to Jupiter or Guru or Brishaspati. The mantra should be chanted before wearing the Yellow or Golden Topaz ring. It will help in attaining wealth, name, fame, honor and good health. Chanting the mantra and wearing the Topaz ring will help in curing eye diseases. Topaz Ring Mantra is Om Vrim Brihaspataye Namah

How to observe Mangalwar Vrat? – Tuesday Fasting in Hindu Religion

Mangalvar, or Tuesday, in Hindu religion is dedicated to Lord Hanuman and Lord Ganesh. Mangalwar takes its name from the Mangal or Mars who rules the day and is considered to be a trouble maker in astrology, and the fast is to ward off the harmful effects of Mangal. Here is a general idea on how to observe Mangalvar Vrat? The Vrat is observed mainly by couples who want to have children and by those people who are suffering from Mangal graha dosha. Tuesday is generally dedicated to Lord Hanuman in most regions. Please note that in Maharashtra , Tuesday is mainly dedicated to Lord Ganesha. In some regions, the day dedicated to Ganesh is Wednesday. In Kerala, Hanuman is worshipped mainly on Thursday. How to observe Mangalvar Vrat? After self purification and bathe on Tuesday morning deities first take the blessings of Lord Ganesh by offering red colored flowers. Next Lord Hanuman is worshipped. Lamp is lit and red flowers are offered to Lord Hanuman. A mark is