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Yellamma Jatara 2023 at Saundatti – Yellamma – Renuka Temple Festival at Saundatti in Belgaum in Karnataka

Renuka Yatra at Saundatti in Belgaum in Karnataka is held at the famous Renuka Devi Temple or Yellamma Devi Temple . The Jatara or temple festival is annually held in Margashirsh month and Magh month. Yellamma Jatara 2023 date is December 26. The annual jatara attracts thousands of devotees to the temple. The jatara is known as Neeramanavi Yellamma Jatara. The puja and rituals on the day are unique and are annually held only on this day. Saundatti is located around 83 km from Belgaum . Renuka Yatra is annually observed on Margashirsha Purnima or full moon day in Margashirsh month as per traditional Hindu lunar calendar followed in Karnataka. Yellamma Jatara is held on various occasions – on Purnima days in other months. But the most important festival is the one held in Margashirsh month (November – December).

Story of Hanuman Swallowing Sudarshana Chakra

Sudarshana Chakra and numerous other items and people associated with Vishnu had grown in pride in the Dwapara Yuga. To curb the unwanted pride of his attendants, Krishna took the help of Hanuman. The story of Hanuman Swallowing Sudarshana Chakra is part of this attempt. Hanuman was in deep meditation in Himalayas and was not aware that Treta Yuga had ended and Dwapara Yuga had begun. He was also not aware of the avatar of Sri Krishna. Hanuman constantly meditated on Sri Ram. So once, Sri Krishna asked Garuda to take his message to Hanuman. Krishna had asked to carry the message that ‘Sri Rama is Calling You.’ On receiving the message, Hanuman immediately flew in full speed to Dwarka. Sri Krishna had deputed Sudarshana Chakra to guard the main gate as he was expecting an important guest. Sudarshana Chakra prided in his strength and thought he was invincible. Hanuman soon reached Dwarka but was stopped by Sudarshana Chakra. Hanuman did not want to waste time

Bhagwan Baba Punyatithi at Bhagwangad near Pathardi

Bhagwan Baba is a great saint of the Vanjari Community in Maharashtra . His Punyatithi or death anniversary is annually observed in Paush month. Bhagwan Baba Punyatithi 2024 date is January 26. The day is of great significance at Bhagwangad in Maharashtra. The samadhi sthal or the final resting place of Vaikunth Vasi Hari Bhakt Parayan Bhagwan Baba is located at Bhagwangad. Thousands of devotees arrive here on the day to pay their respects. Bhagwan Baba Punyatithi is annually observed on Paush Krishna Paksha Pratipada Tithi or the first day during the waning phase of moon in Paush month as per traditional lunar calendar followed in Maharashtra . Bhagwangad is located near Pathardi in Ahmednagar District, Maharashtra.

Banyan Tree at Jyotisar Where the Bhagavad Gita Was Narrated To Get a New Lease of Life

Jyotisar is located near Kurukshetra in Haryana and it is believed that the Bhagavad Gita was narrated by Sri Krishna to Arjuna here. A Vat Vriksha, a banyan tree, believed to be more than 8000 years is worshipped here. The tree was not properly maintained. Now efforts are being made to give a new lease of life to the tree.  Hindustan Times reports  A team of experts from Dehradun-based Forest Research Institute (FRI) will visit Jyotisar in a fortnight to launch restoration programme for the tree.  Experts have clarified that the preliminary investigations suggested that the ancient tree was not dying but suffocating due to unscientific methods being adopted for beautification.    They blame emphasis on superficial beautification and poor landscape planning for the deteriorating health of the holy banyan. The marble platform around the tree is doing the most harm.    FRI scientists said marble platform had hampered water-absorption capacity of the tree. Besides, prop roots,