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Ekadasi Food – What can be eaten on Ekadashi?

Ekadasi, or Ekadashi, is an important Upvaas (fast) dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Millions of Hindu devotees observe Ekadasi, which is considered highly auspicious by Lord Vishnu devotees. The traditional approach is to abstain from food completely on the day. But nowadays a complete fast is not possible for many people. Such people consume certain food items on the Ekadasi day and observe only a partial fast.
It is believed that demon Mura found a dwelling place in the rice and Lord Vishnu appeared in the form of Ekadasi to annihilate Mura. Therefore devotees who fast on the Ekadashi day avoid food made from grains.

Many devotees due to several reasons – like health and job commitments – observe partial fast on the day. Such people avoid non-vegetarian and food items made from beans, pulses and grains, especially rice. The most preferred Ekadasi fasting food in western parts of India is Sabudana Khichadi with potatoes and ground nut - but no onion and garlic.
The food that can be consu…

Lakhamandal Shiva Temple on Naugaon – Barkot Route in Dehradun in Uttarakhand

LakhamandalTemple is famous for its unique architecture and hundreds of granite murtis of Hindu gods and goddess. The main shrine is dedicated to Shiva. Legend has it that Kauravas had conspired to kill Pandavas by burning them in the house of lac here. The temple is located on the Naugaon – Barkot Route and is around 70 km from Dehradun.

Legend has it that a cow from a nearby region used to swim the river and go into the forest and return after a couple of hours. When the king of region was informed about the unique event, he asked his soldiers to follow the cow. The soldiers found that the cow was pay obeisance to a Shivling. This led to the discovery of the Shivling.
The temple is a classic example of Katyuri architecture. The main Shivling in the temple is surrounded by several black granite murtis of Hindu gods and goddesses.
There are beautiful black granite murtis of Ganesha, Shiva, Parvati, Kartik, Krishna, Vishnu, Navgrahas, Vishwakarma, Mata Anjani, Hanuman, Durga, Surya,…

The real difficulty is always in ourselves, not in our surroundings – Sri Aurobindo

Be that Fire and that Sun and that Ocean. Be that joy and that greatness and that beauty.
We create our own truth of existence in our own action of mind and life, which is another way of saying that we create our own selves, are our own makers.
The joy of perfect union can come only when what has to be done is done.
The real difficulty is always in ourselves, not in our surroundings.
To have a developed intellect is always helpful if one can enlighten it from above and turn it to a divine use.
What men call knowledge, is the reasoned acceptance of false appearances. Wisdom looks behind the veil and sees.

What the soul sees and has experienced, that it knows; the rest is appearance, prejudice and opinion. Sri Aurobindo