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Lodheshwar Mahadeo Temple – Mahadev Shiva Mandir at Ramnagar in Barabanki

Lodheshwar Mahadeo Temple is dedicated to Mahadev Shiva and is located at Mahadeo village near Ramnagar around 30 km from Barabanki in Uttar Pradesh. Legend has it that the Pandavas established the temple. During the Mahabharat period, Sage Vyasa asked Pandavas to organize Rudramahayaga. The Pandavas then went to Kedarnath and found a Shivling. They established it at Mahadeo Village . Thousands of years later the Shivling was discovered by a farmer named Lodheswar. He started worshipping it and the temple came to be known as Lodheshwar Mahadeo Temple . Another legend has it that the Shivling was established by Luv, son of Sri Ram, found it in the Treta Yuga. He found it while bathing in the Sarayu. The Shivling was later lost during floods and Yudhishitra discovered it in the Dwapara Yuga while bathing in the Ghaghra River . The present temple structure was built around 700 years ago and is in Mehrab architectural style with lot of floral drawings. Bhairo Ba

Teaching From Hindu Puranas On Charity

A small collection of teachings on charity from various Hindu Puranas. This body is doomed to perish. Why should I take care of something which is impermanent? I take protection of another secret source – charity. Charity is the best way to ensure glory in your mortal life and get salvation in heaven after you quit your mortal body. Be considerate to all and be charity minded. Then all gates of glory and heaven or salvation remain open for you. A man not devoted to charity acquires neither wealth nor the cherished desires. He who long for wealth to be given in charity, attains riches and fame. The country is destroyed where food grains is not given in charity. Charity is the best thing for a human being, by performing which he gains all this ends. Puranas