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Mangala Gouri Puja Vidhanam in Kannada – Read How to perform Mangalagouri Puja in Kannada in pdf

Mangala Gouri Puja is observed on every Tuesday in Shravan month. Here is the puja vidhanam in Kannada or how to perform Mangalagouri Puja in Kannada. The text is provided by Sumadhwa Seva. The Kannada text contains important puja details, mantras and songs associated with performing the puja. The text is in pdf format. Link – Mangala Gouri Puja Vidhanam in Kannada

Sage Atri – About Rishi Atri – One of the Saptarishis

Sage Atri is one of the Saptraishis and is believed to have appeared from the mind of Brahma. Saptarishis are progenitors of mankind and emerged from Brahma . Sage Atri is the father of Dattatreya. As per Matsya Purana Chapter 118, Ashram of Sage Atri was located in the Himalayas near the origin of the Airavati River . The place was inaccessible to people. Sage Atri performed intense austerities here. As per Harivamsha Purana and Brahmanda Purana, the Rishi attained extraordinary powers or Siddhis by performing penance at Rksha or Rkshavana. Two mantras in the Rig Veda (1/116/8 and 1/117/3) were chanted by the Rishi when He and his family members and other saints were captured by demons and put in a torture chamber heated by straw. After chanting the mantra, Ashwinikumars cooled the chamber by creating snow fall. Sage Atri was married to Anasuya, daughter of Daksha Prajapati. Atri and Anasuya had three sons – Dattatreya, Soma, Durvasa. They also had a daughter who w

Telangana Ashada Month 2014 – Ashad Masa 2014 in Hindu Lunar Calendar in Telangana Region in India

Ashada Masa is the fourth month in a traditional Hindu Telugu calendar followed in Telangana region in India . Telugu Ashada Masa 2014 is from June 28 to July 26.  The famous Bonalu festival which is also the state festival is observed on the Sundays in this month. Some of the auspicious days in the month include Guru Purnima, the beginning of Chatur Mas Vrata and Shayani Ekadasi. Telangana Ashada Masam Shukla Paksha and  Krishna  Paksha Ashada Masam Telangana calendar 2014 Shukla Paksha (Waxing phase of moon) is from June 28 to July 12, 2014. Telangana Ashada Masam 2014 Krishna Paksha (Waning phase of moon) is from  July 13 to July 26, 2014. Ekadasi Fasting Dates in Ashada Masam are: Dev Shayani Ekadasi – July 9 Kamika Ekadasi – July 22 Ashada Mahina Pradosh Pradosh – July 10  Pradosh – July 24 Sankashti Chaturthi monthly fasting dedicated to Lord Ganesh is in Ashada Mahina is on July 15 – Moonrise is at 9:30 PM – Indian standard time. Purnima in Tel