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Vishnu Purana in Tamil – Read or Download the Epic Vishnu Puranam in Tamil

Vishnu Purana Epic in Tamil is provided by Digital Library of India – an undertaking of the Government of India. You can read and download the Tamil Vishnu Puranam credited to T.C. Partha sarathi. You can read the epic online and there is also an option to download but it works rarely. Please note that it is not in pdf format. Link – This is the link to the first chapter of  Vishnu Purana Epic in Tamil . (You will need to download software to read the epic from the website) Please note the links are in a government of  India  maintained site and you never know when it will be down and when it will resume. So please do not find fault with me as I am just providing valuable information.

Ashada Jathra Festival at Malekal Tirupati Temple near Arasikere in Hassan

Ashada Jatara Festival at Malekal Tirupati Temple attracts thousands of devotees. The festival is observed from Ashada Shukla Panchami to Ashadha Krishna Panchami. The 15-day festival is the most important event in the temple. Ashada Jatara Festival at Malekal Tirupati Temple in 2023 is from June 19 to July 3. The most important festivals are observed on Ashada Shukla Dashami (June 28, 2023), Ekadasi (June 29, 2023) and Dwadasi (June 30, 2023). The deity is taken around the temple during the festival in different types of Vahanas. On Dasami day Garuda Seva is performed. Gajendra Moksha is performed on Ekadasi day. The most important Rathotsava is performed on Ashada Shukla Dwadashi. Another important day is Ashada Shukla Chaturdashi – Hanuman Puja is observed on this day. The main festival also comes to an end on this day.

Which gemstone should aspiring actors and actresses wear?

It is widely believed that wearing a particular gemstone or ratna will change luck. So which gemstone should aspiring actors and actresses wear? The gemstone that is recommended for those want to become actors and actresses is Heera or Diamond. Along with wearing Heera one should offer prayers to Goddess Saraswati. Prayers should also be offered to Ganesha and Sri Krishna. The heera or diamond should be affixed to silver or gold.

Sath Mukhi Rudraksha Mantra – Prayer for wearing seven face Rudraksh

Seven Face Rudraksha is known as Sath Mukhi Rudraksh and it is dedicated to Saptamatrikas. The mantra dedicated to the Rudraksh is highly powerful and it is chanted while wearing. The prayer should also be chanted while offering worship to the Sath Mukhi Rudraksh. Chanting of the mantra and worshipping or wearing of Sath Mukhi Rudraksha will usher in happiness, peace in family and increase in profit.

Ashwini Nakshatra Rudraksha – Which Rudraksha Should Ashwini Nakshatra People wear?

Each Nakshatra born people as per Hindu Astrology should wear a particular face Rudraksha for success, love, peace and prosperity. Ashwini Nakshatra born people should wear Rudraksh with three or five faces. Wearing of which will bring in all round success to Ashwini Nakshatra or birth star. The deity associated with Five Face Rudraksha is Shiva. The deity associated with three face is Agni. The devotee who wears it will also have the blessing of Mangal Graha or Mars and Brihaspati Graha or Jupiter. Performing food donation and distributing clothes after wearing the Rurdraksh is highly meritorious for Ashwini Nakshatra People.

Chitrakoot Parikrama

Chitrakoot Parikrama is the circumambulation of holy places in Chitrakoot in Uttar Pradesh in India . Devotees walk to various holy places in the town. Bhagvan Sri Ram, Mata Sita and Lakshman resided at Chitrakoot during their exile period in the Ramayana. Yudhisthira, the eldest of the Pandavas, is believed to have performed many pujas and rituals at this holy place. King Nala performed penance here to get back his kingdom. The Chitrakoot Parikrama is performed at Kamadgiri Hill which is around 2 km from the town. The route of the Parikrama is more than 4 kilometers and there are numerous temples and sacred places on the way. The important temples on the way are Mukharavinda Temple , Charanapaduka Temple (where one can find the foot prints of Bhagvan Sri Ram), Lakshmana Temple , Pancha Tirtha – abode of Surya, Chandra, Vayu, Agni and Varuna and Bharatkupa. Bharakupa is a pond which contains water collected by Bharata from many sacred rivers hoping to anoint

Mango Tree at Ekambaranathar Temple at Kanchipuram – The Story of the Mango Tree at Kanchipuram Ekambaranathar Temple

Ekambaranathar Temple at Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu is famous for a mango tree which is more than 3500 years old. Symbolically the four branches of the mango tree represent the four Vedas. ‘Ek’ means one and Amra means ‘mango’ – Shiva is Ekambaranathar here. The story of the Mango tree is associated with the deep devotion of Goddess Parvati. Legend has it that Goddess Parvati created a Shivling using sand under a mango tree on the banks of Vegavathy River . Shiva tried numerous methods to test the strength of the devotion of Goddess Parvati and each time her devotion won. Once the Vegavathy River rose flooding the banks, to protect the Shivling Goddess Parvati hugged it tightly. She thus saved the Shivling. Touched by her devotion, Shiva appeared and married her under the mango tree. A unique aspect is that the Mango Tree yields four different types of mangos – sweet, bitter, spicy and citric.

Quotes from Chapter 14 of Bhagavad Gita

Purity (Sattva), passion (Rajas), and inertia (Tamas) – these Gunas born of Prakriti bind fast in the body the embodied, the indestructible. Of these Sattva, which, because of its stainlessness, is luminous and healthy, binds by attachment to happiness and by attachment to knowledge. Know though rajas to be of the nature of passion, the source of thirst and attachment, it binds fast the embodied one, by attachment of action) But know that tamas is born of ignorance. Deluding all embodied beings, it binds fast, by heedlessness, indolence and sleep. When through every gate in this body the light of intelligence shines, then it may be known that Sattva is predominant. Those who are abiding in sattva go upwards; the rajasic dwell in the middle; and the tamasic, abiding in the function of the lowest guna, go downwards. He who seated like one unconcerned is not moved by the gunas who knowing that the gunas operate, is self-centered and swerves not. The same

Ramdevpir Jayanti 2023 Date - Ramdevpir Navratri Festival

Ramdevpir Jayanti is the birth anniversary of Ramdevji or Ramsha Pir. He is worshipped mainly in Rajasthan and the annual festival is also known as Navratri. Ramdevpir Jayanti 2023 date is September 17. It is observed on the Shukla Paksha Dwitiya day in Bhadrapad month (second day during the waxing phase of moon) as per traditional Hindu calendar followed in Rajasthan. Ramdevpir is the personal and family deity of millions of people in Rajasthan. He is believed to be an incarnation of Vishnu. Ramdevji (1352 AD to 1385 AD) worked for the upliftment of the poor and revival of Hindu religion which was under the attack of invaders. He performed numerous miracles during his period and this made him attract followers from various communities. Ramdevpir Jayanti attracts thousands of devotees to the Baba Ramdevji Temple at Ramdevra in Rajasthan. This is the Samadhi Sthal of the deity.