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Story of Chudamani in the Ramayana

Chudamani is referred to in the Sundara Khanda of the Ramayana. The divine Chudamani was in the possession of Sita. Mata Sita was held captive by Ravana in the Ashokavana of Lanka. Hanuman met Sita as an emissary of Rama. She then gave the Chudamani to Hanuman and asked Him to carry it to Sri Rama.
Chudamani is an ornament worn on the head. It was round in shape and studded with jewels and pearls.
Legend has it that the ornament was first found by Indra in the ocean. He gave it to Dasharatha, father of Sri Rama, for helping him in defeating the demons. Another version has it that Indra gave it to Dasharatha on the successful completion of an important yajna.
Chudamani became a family ornament. Dasharatha had given it to Kaushalya. She gave it to Sita who was her daughter in law.

It is stated in Ramayana that on seeing Chudamani, Sri Rama felt as if he was seeing Mata Sita herself.

18-foot-tall Shivling from Single Stone at Twin Shiva Temple at Kidderpore in Kolkata – Tallest Single Stone Shivalinga

Kidderpore area in Kolkata is home to a twin temple which houses an 18-foot-tall Shivling – believed to be one of the biggest in the region. The temples - Krishna Chandreshwar and Rakta Kamaleshwar – are twin Shiva Temples. The Shivling is carved out of a single kashti stone and is believed to be the tallest single stone Shivalinga. The two temples have two large Shivlings.
The twin temples with the unique Shivling were in a dilapidated condition but have been restored now. The temple on the banks of a pond was built by Zamindar Joynarayan Ghoshal more than 200 years ago. The temples are named after the father and mother of the Zamindar. The temple architecture is the aat-chala which is typical of Bengal.
Kulodevi Patitpabani Durga temple is located in the courtyard of the twin temples. The Durga murti in Kulodevi Patitpabani Durga temple is made of astadhatu (eight metals).
A mela ground in the temple area attracts thousands of people during Shivratri.  Times of India reports  Declar…

Hinduism Teachings on Mind Control

Giving up all desires born of the will, withdrawing the senses from every direction by strength of mind, attain tranquility little by little with the help of the budhi armed with fortitude. Once the mind is established in the Atman, one should not think of anything else. Whenever the fickle and unquiet mind strays, withdraw it and restore it to the control of the Atman alone. (Bhagavad Gita 6 - 24 – 26)

If the intellect, being related to a distracted mind, loses its discrimination and therefore always remains impure, then the embodied soul never attains the goal, but enters into the rounds of births. (Katha Upanishad, 1.3.7)
If  the  intellect, being related to a mind  that is restrained, posseses discrimination and therefore always remains pure, then the embodied soul attains that goal from which one is not born again.  (Katha Upanishad, 1.3.8)

Charity, discharge of one’s duties, tranquillity of the mind and the senses, study of scriptures, various kinds of rituals and vows — all th…