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Vrishabh Pujan – Vrishabha Puja on Shravan Amavasi in Maharashtra

Vrishabh Pujan is dedicated to bull and ox and is observed mainly in Maharashtra and surrounding regions on the Shravan Amavasi (no moon day in Sawan month). Vrishabh Pujan 2018 date is September 9. Farmers pay respect to bullocks on Vrishabha Puja day as cattle is their main source of livelihood.

The day before Vrishabh Pujan Amavasi, the rope tied on the ox is removed and changed and turmeric paste and oil is applied to the body of cows, ox and bullocks.

On the Vrishabh Pujan day, cattle are bathed and special food prepared like Puran Poli, Kichadi and Bajari are provided to them.

The animals are also adorned with various ornaments and clothes. Their horns are given a fresh coat of paint.

The bull is also worshipped on the day and villagers in large numbers gather to pay their respect. The animals are taken around the village in processions accompanied by music.

Many farmers also start the next farming season on the day.

The day is popularly known as Bail Pola.

Nanda Devi Raj Jat Yatra Postage Stamps by India Post

Nanda Devi Raj Jat Yatra is a pilgrimage held every 12 years through the hills of Chamoli District in Uttarakhand in India. A commemorative stamp on the yatra and first day cover was launched by India Post.
Nanda Devi Raj Jat Yatra in 2013 was originally scheduled to be organised from August 29 but was cancelled in view of the massive damage caused by the June 2013 calamity along its route.

Nanda Devi Raj Jaat Yatra is a festival that stretches for three weeks. It is primarily a religious pilgrimage spanning for 280 kilometres. Murti of Goddess Nanda Devi is carried along the route by devotees.

Brahma Upanishad Quotes

The enlightened one should discard the external thread putting it off with the sacred tuft of hair on the head; the Supreme Brahman as the all-pervading one is the thread, and he should put this on.
Jnana is the greatest purifier – Jnana, that is the best as such. Those who have this Jnana for their tufted hair are as non-different from it as is fire from its flame. This wise one is (really) said to be a Shikhi (or wearer of the tufted hair), while others are mere growers of hair (on the head).
The One Lord (self-effulgent) in all beings remaining hidden, all-pervading and the Self of all beings, controlling and watching over all works (good or bad), living in all creatures and the Witness (i.e. neither the doer of any acts nor the enjoyer), the Supreme Intelligence, the One without a second, having no attributes.
The one Intelligent (active) Being among the many inactive, He who makes the many from what is one – the wise men who find out this Self, theirs is the eternal peace, not o…