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Mahakali Kalimath Temple in Uttarakhand – Kalimath Mandir

Kalimath is a holy place located near Guptkashi in Uttarakhand and is home to a famous KalimathMahakaliTemple. The Kalimath Mandir is dedicated to Goddess Kali, the ferocious form of Goddess Kali.  KalimathTemple is one of the Sidh Peeths and is around 10 km from Guptkashi.
Legend has it that Goddess Kali annihilated the demon Rakthabeeja at the spot where the Kalimath temple is located.
There is no murti of Goddess Kali in the temple. A Shri Yantra is worshipped as the main murti. Worship to a murti of Goddess Kali is made only on the Durga Ashtami day during Navratri (September – October). The puja to murti is performed by the chief priest and no one else is allowed to be present or witness the puja.
The main temple is surrounded by very ancient small temples in stone dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi, Saraswati, Gauri Shankar, Shiva (shivlings), nandi and Ganesha.

Legend has it that illiterate Kalidas became the world renowned poet by the blessing of Goddess Kali Maa. He is believed to…

Meaning of the Popular Names of Ganesha

Sri Ganesha is known by several names. Devotees use many names to address Ganesha out off love, piety and respect. Here are the meanings of some of the popular names of Ganesh.
Ganesha – Leader of Ganas – Lord of the multitudes Ganapati – Leader of Ganas – Lord of the multitudes Vinayaka – Remover of obstacles Vakratunda – One with the twisted trunk Ekadanta – One with Single tusk Gajanana – Lord with Elephant head Lambodara – Pot-bellied one Heramba – Protector of the meek Vighnesvara – Lord of obstacles Krsnapingaksa – One with the dark brown eyes Dhumravarna – Smoke-colored or gray one Vikata – Odd appearance

Hanuman Chalisa Audio Prayer in mp3 – Download Hanuman Chalisa mp3 Hindu Prayer Dedicated to Hanuman

Hanuman Chalisa mp3 is part of the free copyright archive project. The audio is free to download and is in Hindi mp3. Hanuman Chalisa is the most popular prayer dedicated to Hanuman. It contains that glory of Hanuman in 40 verses. It is chanted daily in millions of homes of Hindus.
It is believed that chanting of Hanuman Chalisa helps in overcoming all worldly problems. Hanuman provides the strength to overcome stress and fear.

Link - Hanuman Chalisa Audio (right click and use save link as option)

Ganesha Gita in pdf in English – Download Ganesha Gita Text from Ganesha Purana in pdf

This Ganesha Gita book in pdf is English and you can download it for free. Ganesha Gita is part of Ganesha Purana dedicated to Sri Ganesh. The Purana contains the teachings and exploits of the various manifestations of Ganapati. Ganesha Gita which is part of the Purana contains the teachings of Gajanana. It is in the form of dialogue with kings and saints.
LinkEnglish Ganesha Gita in pdf

Ganesha Gita Teachings

Ganesha Gita is the conversation between Ganesha and Varenya in the Uttarakhanda of the Ganesha Purana.
Not desiring the results of one’s activities, whether they be termed transcendent or ritualistic, the yogi is recommended to perform his duties, not by ceasing action, but from a reliance on yoga.
Devotional service alone is the cause for attaining yoga.
Peacefulness and restraining the senses are considered the causes for success in siddha-yoga.
Focusing on the objects of the senses is considered the enemy of oneself. The yogi who ignores the craving of the senses gains success.
One’s own self exists only through the self. We do not exist as separate from the self.

The person who has conquered the self, who has discriminating knowledge, intuitive knowledge and continually has control over the senses, maintains the same equanimity in friendship, or enmity, in freedom or imprisonment, in honor, disgrace, unhappiness and happiness, or with a close friend or amongst the good, in a…