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Humility is a virtue that subdues the hearts of others – Swami Sivananda Thoughts

Blind faith should be turned into rational faith. Faith without understanding is only blind faith. Devotion is the development of faith. Knowledge is the development of devotion. Faith leads to the final spiritual experience. Whatever a person strongly believes in, that he experiences and becomes…
A pessimist is very gloomy and depressed, lazy and lethargic. Cheerfulness is unknown to him. He infects others. Pessimism is an epidemic and infectious disease. A pessimist cannot succeed in the world.
The world is a relative place of good and evil. Remember this point at all times. Try to live happily in any place, under any condition. You will become a strong and dynamic personality. This is a great secret.
Humility is a virtue that subdues the hearts of others. A man of humility is a powerful magnet or lodestone… Swami Sivananda