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Goddess Kali Aarti in Hindi – Goddess Kali Prayer Text in Hindi

Goddess Kali Aarti text in Hindi is in jpeg format and you can save it for free. The prayer is chanted daily morning and evening by Kali devotees. The popular belief is that Goddess Kali provides the strength to face the world. She also protects her devotees. The prayer is especially chanted during Navratri. This Aarti can be chanted on Tuesday and Friday during evening puja.
The prayer is also chanted during Kali Chaudash, Bhadrakali Gyaras and also during Kali Puja.

Goddess Kali Aarti in Hindi in jpeg fomat

Story of Saraswati River and Kavashan

There are numerous stories in Hindu tradition that clearly states that birth (caste) is not the criteria to judge or decide what role of a person should take in society. Legend has it Sage Bhrigu and Sage Angrisas decided to perform a yajna on the banks of SaraswatiRiver. Kavashan, a low caste man, came to participate in the Yajna. He demonstrated his qualification to participate in the yajna by suggesting mantras and chanting many. But out of ignorance, Sage Bhrigu and Sage Angrisas, did not like a person of low caste participating in the yajna.

The sages then tied him up and threw him in a spot where there was no water. They thought he will die without drinking water.
Lying there Kavashan started chanting the mantras of Yajna.
After sometime, the spot where Kavashan was lying was filled with water. Onlookers saw SaraswatiRiver flowing towards Kavashan.
Sage Bhrigu and Sage Angrisas who witnessed this divine event at once realized their folly. They untied Kavashan and asked for h…

Donate and Get Free mp3 Cds of Puranas – A Ved Puran Initiative

Ved Puran is a website dedicated to publishing text and audio of Puranas, Vedas and epics. Ved Purana website has started a new initiative by which you can get a free mp3 CD. To be part of the initiative you need to register on the website and make a donation.

Vishnu Puran, Bhagvat Puran, Garud Puran, Markandeya Puran, Shiv Puran and Brahma Puran are available in mp3 cd formats.
You can find more information about the initiative here.

Pearls of Wisdom – Srimad Bhagavata Purana

Man absorbed, as he is, in worldly things, worldly pleasures and the pursuit of worldly happiness, has his mind clouded by ignorance of the Truth about his real nature. To him, the eternal cycle of births and deaths will always exist. It is only with the help of knowledge that the veil can be torn, this chain can be snapped.
Discipline is essential. By discipline is meant spiritual discipline. Just as a man who always eats clean, wholesome food will never be troubled by diseases; even so, a man who partakes of spiritual food will never suffer. This food is discipline.
Controlling the mind is essential. Mental concentration on the Brahman, withdrawal of the senses from the sense objects, conquest of the mind in its wanderings in the morass of the senses, self denial, speaking the truth at all times, cleanliness internal and external, compassion towards all living beings, abhorrence of stealing and avoiding receiving gifts from others; all these will help to destroy the ignorance in th…