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Yediyur Siddhalingeshwara Temple

YediyurSiddhalingeshwaraTemple is dedicated to Saint Sidhalingeshwara. The temple is located at Yediyur village in Kunigal taluk of Tumkur District in Karnataka. YediyurSiddhalingeshwaraTemple is situated along the National Highway 48 connecting Bangalore, Hassan and Mangaluru. The the temple is 90 Kms from Bengaluru, 60 Kms from Tumkur ,120 Kms from Mysore, 100 Kms from Hassan and 18 Kms from the taluk head quarters Kunigal.
Sri Sidhalingeshwara was one of the greatest Shaivaite saints of the 15th century. He traveled throughout India preaching the teachings of Shaivism. He finally entered into Samadhi at Yediyur. He is believed to have taken voluntary Samadhi by entering into a tomb at the YediyurSiddhalingeshwaraTemple.
Story of the life of Sri Siddhalingeshwara is etched in numerous sculptures found in the temple.
YediyurSiddhalingeshwaraTemple is open from 4:30 AM to 8:30 PM.
The temple attracts thousands of devotees in a month. Number of pilgrims increase in the month of Shravana…

Encyclopaedia on Shaivism in Tamil

Ten-Volume Encyclopaedia on Shaivism in Tamil is due to the fruitful effort of the Saint Saekkizhar Human Resource Development Charitable Trust. The ten-volumes concentrate on:

(1) Saivism - as in Tamil Nadu and Pudhucherry
(2) the world of Saivism beyond Tamil Nadu
(3) Saivite Scriptures or devotional hymns
(4) Saivite Shrines glorified in the hymns
(5) Shrines of the later period
(6) Saivite Saints
(7) Saivite works
(8) Saiva Siddhantha
(9) Saivite organisations
(10) and Glorius Gateway.
The Encyclopaedia also includes 3000 colour photos. Each volume comprises of 650 to 895 pages. The ten volumes along with the introduction is spread over 7200 pages. More than 1500 graphics have been used to register the much valued messages of Saivism.
More details regarding the Encyclopaedia on Shaivism in Tamil can be found here.
Encyclopaedia on Shaivism Language – Tamil Price in India – Rs. 15,000 Outside India - $500
Saint Saekkizhar Human Resource Development Charitable Trust can be co…