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One of the secrets of making the most of life — fix your goal - Dada J P Vaswani

We are just moving, we are just drifting. But if we wish to succeed, we must fix our goal! We  should be able to describe our goal vividly. We should fix it in our imagination. And we should have an unswerving focus on the goal all the time.
So many of us today are just drifting through life. We do not know where we are going; we do not even know what we want out of life. We work like machines, going through the same routine day after day. We forget that each of us is unique. You are unique. God made you for a special purpose. Discover that special purpose. Make it your goal and once you have fixed that goal, you must keep your eyes fixed always on that goal. This is one of the secrets of making the most of life — fix your goal!
If I were to ask you right now: “What is it that you want out of life? What do you wish to achieve?” not many of you will be able to give me an answer straight away. To each of you I would say you must fix your goal. It may be a material goal or a spiritual g…