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Bangaru Tirupati – Bangaru Tirupathi Temple at Guttahalli in Karnataka

Bangaru Tirupati, also known as ShriVenkataramanaSwamyTemple, is located at Guttahalli in Karnataka and is dedicated to Lord Balaji. This VenkateswaraTemple is one of the 108 Tirupathis in India. The temple is located around 25 km from Kolar and 100 km from Bangalore. The temple is visited by devotees who are unable to visit TirumalaTirupatiBalajiTemple.

The legend associated with the Bangaru Thirupathi temple suggests that the place of temple is where Bhrgu Rishi performed penance and intense austerities. Bhrgu Rishi had kicked Vishnu in anger and Goddess Lakshmi had left Vishnu for tolerating the insult of Bhrgu Rishi.
Bhrigu Rishi who later repented his action performed austerities at Bangaru Tiruapti. Srihari Vishnu is worshipped here as Ekanta Srinivasa – one without consort Lakshmi.
The murti of Bajaji is viewed through a small window and is called netra darshana. The belief is that darshan of lord through this small window helps in attaining moksha.
The Brahmotsava (important…

Aani Masam 2018 – Tamil Aani Month in 2018 in Tamil Calendar

Aani Masam is the third month in a traditional Tamil calendar. In 2018, Aani Month begins on June 15, 2018 and ends on July 15. The most important and auspicious day in the month is the Aani Uthiram (June 20, 2018).
Ekadasi dates in Aani Masam are on June 23 and July 9

Shiva Pradosham dates are on June 25 and July 10.

Sashti Muruga Fasting is on June 19.

Aani Pournami or full moon day is on June 28

Aani Ammavasi is on July 13

Pillayar Sankatahara Chaturthi is on July 1. (Ganesh Sankashti Chaturthi)

The next month in Tamil Calendar is the Aadi Month.

Teachings on Self Control from Gita

Teachings on Self Control from Bhagavad Gita
Serenity of mind, good-heartedness, silence, self-control, purity of nature --- these together are called the mental austerity. (17.16)
Undoubtedly, O mighty-armed one, the mind is difficult to control and is restless; but, by practice, O Son of Kunti, and by dispassion, it is restrained. (6.35)
From whatever cause the restless and the unsteady mind wanders away, from that let him restrain it, and bring it back under the control of the Self alone. (6.26)
The turbulent senses, O son of Kunti, do violently carry away the mind of a wise-man, though he be striving (to control them) . (2.60)
Having restrained them all, he should sit steadfast, intent on Me; his Wisdom is steady, whose senses are under control. (2.61)