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Contact Details of Yediyur Siddhalingeshwara Temple – Contact Details and Phone Number

YediyurSiddhalingeshwaraTemple contact details are given below with phone number. The temple is located at Yediyur village in Kunigal taluk of Tumkur District in Karnataka. YediyurSiddhalingeshwaraTemple is situated along the National Highway 48 connecting Bangalore, Hassan and Mangaluru. The temple is 90 Kms from Bengaluru, 60 Kms from Tumkur ,120 Kms from Mysore, 100 Kms from Hassan and 18 Kms from the taluk head quarters Kunigal.

Contact Details of the Temple:
Yedeyuru Shree Siddalingeshwara Swamy Shrine,
Kunigal Taluk,
Tumkur District.
Pin- 572 142.
Phone Number: 91-8132-296223 958132-296223 (local calling)

Goddess Jagadgauri

Goddess Jagadgauri is a manifestation of Mother Goddess Shakti. Details about Her are found in the Srimad Devi Bhagavatham. As per this scripture, She is the mind born daughter of Sage Kashyapa and was called Manasa Devi. She then meditated on Sri Krishna for several years and became a Siddha Yogini.

Sri Krishna gave her 12 different names and one name is Jagadgauri meaning she is of very fair color and was worshipped all over the world. The name symbolically represents purity. Shakti is pure and all beings arise from Her. Beings who are pure then lose purity due to ignorance.
The other names of the Goddess include – Jaratkdru, Manasa, Siddhayogini, Vaishnavi, Nagabhagini, Shaivi, Nageshwari, Jaratkdrupriya, Astikmata, Vishadri and Mahajnanavati.
A unique feature of Goddess Jagadgauri is that she is associated with both Vishnu and Shiva.
A manifestation of the Goddess married Saint Jaratkadru and gave birth to the famous Sage Astika.

Teachings from Shiva Sutras

Apparent knowledge vitiated by the illusions of mind is the cause of bondage of the Jiva in the physical world.

The tremendous effort and energy required in the manifestation of a universe comes from the Divine Will of Siva, the Universal Consciousness, and appears initially through akasa as nada or integrated ‘Sound’ from which all forms of vibration and modes of motion in the realm of manifestation are derived.
By contemplation on the Centre through which Divine Power manifests the universe, (physical) consciousness reverts to its original pure state, Pure Consciousness, and the universe as a separate mental phenomenon disappears
Supreme Consciousness is the turiya (fourth) state of consciousness beyond the three states of waking, dream and deep sleep. This state is eternal and the other three states come and go in it. As the turiya state alone exists and as the three preceding states merge into it and disappear, the turiya state transcends itself and becomes the turiyatita. The Se…