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Chunchanakatte Temple – Kodanda Rama Temple in Karnataka

KodandaRamaTemple is dedicated to Bhagavan Sri Rama and is located at ChunchanakatteVillage near KR Nagara in Mysore. The temple is around 55 km from Mysore. Legend has it that Bhagavan Sri Ram during his exile period in the Ramayana stayed in home of a tribal couple, Chuncha and Chunchi, on the banks of KaveriRiver.

A story associated with temple gives information regarding the Chunchanakatte waterfalls near the temple. It is said that Mata Sita wanted to take bath and Lakshman on the advice of Sri Ram fired an arrow into a rock. Three streams appeared from the rock – these are now known as Chunchanakatte falls. The three streams had different color – one in the color of turmeric, the other as oil and the third one as a shikakai (used to wash hair in India). The three different colors can be still seen near the temple. The place where Lakshman fired his arrow came to be known as Dhanushkoti.
The waterfall near the ChunchanakatteTemple cascades from the height of about 20 meters and …