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Guru Mantra for Thursday

Thursday or Brihaspativar is dedicated to Navgraha Guru in Hindu Astrology. The day is ideal for propitiating Guru also known as Brihaspati. The Guru Mantra for Thursday is to be chanted ‘OM Brihaspataye Namah.’
The number of time it is chanted is 108 or 1008 or 19000.
Apart from chanting the mantra one should also donate food to poor children and elderly people.
People observing Thursday vrat also wear ring made of Pukhraj or Mothi (Pearl).
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Ravana meets Duryodhana – Column: Gods – Demons – Animals and humans by Hindu Blog

Ravana meets Duryodhana in the netherworld

Duryodhana –I hear about children raped in our land. Ravana – Yes, we were better we spared children. Duryodhana – But still we are still called demons. Ravana – Am happy to be a demon than human. Gods – Demons – Animals and Humans is a column that looks into the state of affairs in the Hindu world through the eyes of Gods, Demons, Animals and humans. It is purely an imaginative work.
The column Gods – Demons – Animals and Humans and its content is copyrighted to Abhilash Rajendran.