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Karana in Hindu Astrology and Panchang

A Karana is half a tithi. There are thirty tithis in a Hindu lunar month – thus there are 60 half tithis or Karanas in astrology and Panchang. Seven Karanas occur eight times during a lunar month. There are four Karanas that are constant.

The seven Karanas that occur eight times in a lunar month are Bava, Balava, Kanlava, Taitila, Gara, Vanija, Vishti. These Karanas recur from the second day of the waxing phase of moon till the first half of the 14th day of the waning phase of moon.
The four karanas that are constant are:
Shakuni – it is assigned to the second half of the 14th day of Krishna Paksha in certain regions.
Chatushpada – assigned to the first of Amavasi
Naga – assigned to the second half of Amavasi in certain regions
Kimstughna – assigned to the first half of the first day of the Waxing phase of moon.
It must be noted that Shakuni and Naga are not used in certain regions.

Shakuni, Chatushpada, Naga, Kimstughna and Vishti are bad Karanas.

Maitreya Upanishad Quotes

What is the use of material wealth to me or any other? Oceans dry up. Mountains sink down. The positions of Pole Star and of trees change. Earth is drowned. Therefore what avail to me is the gratification of desires, since one who clings to the gratification of desires is found to return again and again to this Samsara (mundane existence).

Sound, touch, and others which seem to be Artha (wealth) are in fact Anartha (evil). The lower self clinging to these never remembers the Supreme Seat.
Just as fire without fuel is absorbed into its own womb, so Chitta (thought) through the destruction of its modifications is absorbed into its own womb (source). It is Chitta alone that is Samsara. It should be cleansed with effort. Whatever his Chitta (thinks), of that nature he becomes.