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Chemical in Saffron-Colored Tilak Can Cause Damage to Eye

Saffron-colored or Vermilion tilak (Tika) is applied on the forehead by many Hindus daily. Most the vermilion color available in market contains toxic elements including high level of lead and various other chemicals. Constant use of such chemical colors can cause chemical conjunctivitis.  DNA reports  Doctors said there is lack of awareness among people about the dangers of applying too much vermillion. “Some people apply it from the nose to the end of the forehead. However, the saffron-coloured vermillion can cause damage to the eyes, especially to those who apply it regularly,” said Dr Ragini Parekh, head of ophthalmology department at JJ hospital.  She said the vermillion at times contains toxic elements and those enter the eyes when one washes the face. It can lead to problems such as chemical conjunctivitis. “We see more women patients than men with this problem,” Dr Parekh said.  Dr TP Lahane, senior ophthalmologist and dean of Sir JJ group of hospitals, said the problem was co…

Mukti Upanishad Quotes

Mukti Upanishad, also known as Muktikopanishad, is a conversation between Sri Ram and Hanuman

The wise know that a mind associated with Vasana (desire arising out of senses) tends to bondage, while a mind well free from Vasana is said to be an emancipated one.
Vasana perishes through well conducted deliberation and truth.  Through the absorption of Vasanas mind attains quiescence like a lamp without oil.
He whose mind, devoid of destruction, is centered on Me (Vishnu) as the nature of consciousness alone, abandoning the Vasanas is no other than Myself of the nature of Sachidananda.
He whose mind is freed from Vasanas is not subject to the fruits arising from the performance or non-performance of actions.
Except through the entire giving up of Vasanas and through Mouna – the observance of silence towards objects, the Supreme Seat is not attained.