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Vedanta Kesari Thoughts on Sincerity

Without being sincere, we cannot make any significant progress in our inner development.

Sincerity it is which keeps our inner balance intact through praise and blame, success and failure, heat and cold, happiness and misery – in the midst of all pairs of opposite.
Sincerity means not hiding anything. Sincerity means honesty, not keeping anything in reserve. Sincerity should therefore mean putting all our efforts and not feigning or pretending or making excuses. In this sense, honesty of purpose and sincerity are synonyms.
In the case of most people, their thoughts, words and actions are at variance with each other. What they think they do not express in words fully. Honesty means integrity. A sincere person has an integrated personality. Integrating of personality means integrating our thoughts, speech and actions.
Sourceeditorial of Vedanta Kesari Magazine July 2012.
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