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Eco-Friendly Green Ganesha Workshop 2012 in Mumbai and Lonavala

One-day workshop on basics of pottery and making of eco-friendly Green Ganesha 2012 is conducted by Nature Knights. In Mumbai, the workshop will be held at Mahim Nature Park on September 15, 2012. In Lonvala it will be held on September 16, 2012.
Participants will learn the basic techniques of studio pottery like coiling, pinching, slab, etc. Making of the Ganesha idols from natural clay using studio pottery techniques.
Tips and ideas for eco-friendly celebration and the visarjan of Lord Ganesha. Reclaiming the clay after the immersion to be used for idol making or gardening
You can get more details about the workshop – how to join – and how to conduct one in your locality here at the official website of NatureKnights.

Aitareya Upanishad Teachings

The Self being unknown, all three states of the soul are but dreaming – waking,  dreaming, and dreamless sleep. In each of these dwells the Self: the eye in his dwelling place while we wake, the mind is his dwelling place while we dream, the lotus of the heart is his dwelling place while we sleep the dreamless sleep.

If an individual awake from his threefold dream of waking, dreaming and dreamless sleep, he sees no other that the Self. He sees the Self dwelling in the lotus of his heart as Brahman, omnipresent, and he declares: “I know Brahman”.
That which glows (Sun) is OM.
Who is this Self whom we desire to worship? Of what nature is this Self? Is he the self by which we see form, hear sound, smell odor, speak words, and taste the sweet or the bitter? Is he the heart and the mind by which we perceive, command, discriminate, know, think, remember, will, feel desire, breathe, love and perform other like acts? Nay, these are but adjuncts of the Self, who is pure consciousness.
And this…