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108 Sashti Fasting – Importance of 108 Muruga Sashti Fasting

108 Sashti fasting is a nine-year Muruga Sashti Fasting. The fasting is observed on 108 Sashti (sixth day during the waxing phase of moon) days. The fasting begins on the Sashti day in Karthigai or Aippasi Masam in Tamil Calendars. This is the famous Skanda Sashti after Deepavali.

108 Sashti fasting should be observed without a break. It can be observed during monthly periods – women avoid performing puja during this period.
The offerings that are made in each year vary from region to region.
In some regions milk payasam (milk kheer) is offered in the first year, jaggery payasam in second year, third year it is white rice, fourth year it is appam, fifth year it is kozhukattai or modakam, sixth year it is cow milk, seventh year it is coconut water, eighth year it is Panakam or sweet drink and ninth year it is pepper that is offered.
It is believed that observing 108 Sashti fasting will help in attaining peace and prosperity. It is also widely observed by those people having Chowa Dosh…

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 8 Quiz

This Bhagavad Gita Quiz is based on the eighth chapter of the Bhagavad Gita. The aim of the quiz is to understand few important teachings in the eighth chapter of the Gita. The questions might be tough. The aim of the quiz is to study Gita.

You can use Bhagavad Gita in your home to find answers as this will help you in understanding Gita more.

If there any mistakes or you would like to add more questions please mail the corrections and questions to [email protected]
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That which is evil in you is your ego – Swami Turiyananda Sayings

One must have the inner conviction that whatever happens in this world happens by His will. Success and failure come by His will. The achievements of so many clever people in this world have come to naught! Everything is His will.
Repression is bad. Let the mind wander wherever it pleases. Let it experience. At long last it will tire and return to God. If you repress it, its cravings will grow strong. But keep watch over your mind and intellect. Try to unite them with the Lord.
That which is good and pure in you is God. That which is evil in you is your ego. The more you think of him, the more he will increase and you will decrease. Some people are secretive. They raise a wall around themselves. That is bad. Without being sincere and open-hearted nobody can find God.
He is the doer, I am His instrument. The more you become established in this idea and renounce the thought of ‘me’ and ‘mine,’ the greater will be your attainment of peace.
Swami Turiyananda (1863–1922) - Disciple of Sri …