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Daily Routine in Hinduism – About Dinacharya in Hindu Religion

Ancient teachers of Hindu tradition have mentioned about Dinacharya in various scriptures associated with Hinduism. Many of the teaching are today part of Ayurveda. Dinacharya means daily routine and it talks about the daily good practices that are essential for a good living.  Nisha Manikanthan writes about daily routine in Hindu tradition in an article titled ‘the perfect Dinacharya’ in express buzzPositive step - Step out of the bed and touch the ground with the leg on that side of the body wherein the flow of breath is dominant (check nostrils).

Clean up - Rinse with cold water. Water is an electrical conductor and can never irritate sensitive tissues. Wash hands, face, mouth and eyes with cool water. Clean nose, teeth and tongue. Meditate and exercise - Relax - do pranayama until the breath flows evenly through both nostrils. Meditate while centering your energy in the heart chakra or at the third eye. Take a short, slow walk in the fresh morning air. Surround yourself with simple …

Dadi Janki Quotes

When your mind creates upheaval, practice self governance. As you learn to rule your own thoughts with patience and kindness, you will better serve your aims.

Sometimes you must burrow to find the good qualities in your nature that have gone underground and then coax them to the surface. Stopping for a moment and being silent can bring the steadiness you need for this task.

Self respect is not a matter of what you are doing in your life, but rather of how you are doing it. It requires that you bring quality and virtue into each action, whatever that action maybe.

Observing what is wrong, if done with humility, can point the way to something right.
React less, respond more. As you learn to tell your mind what to do, old ways of thinking and doing will change.
Because we understand the value of money, we take care not to waste it. If we valued time, energy and positive thoughts, we would likewise economize. The result would be a life full of meaning and purpose.
Integrity is matter of c…