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Mahanarayana Upanishad Teachings

Neither by action nor by progeny nor by wealth but by renunciation alone one attains immortality (or Self-knowledge).

That in which all this universe exists together and into which it dissolves. That in which all the gods remain enjoying their respective powers – That certainly is whatever that has been in the past and whatever indeed is to come in the future. This cause of the universe, Prajapati, is supported by His own imperishable nature described as absolute ether.

Right is austerity. Truth is austerity. Understanding of the scriptures is austerity. Subduing of one’s senses is austerity. Restraint of the body through such means like fast is austerity. Cultivation of a peaceable disposition is austerity. Giving gifts without selfish motives is austerity. Worship is austerity.
Mahanarayana Upanishad