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Book – Vishnu Hinduism's Blue-Skinned Savior

The book titled ‘Vishnu Hinduism's Blue-Skinned Savior’ explores the murtis (idols), paintings and sculptures of Hindu God Vishnu – including the ten avatars and numerous other minor incarnations – from antiquity to modern times. Illustrations and discussions in the book reveal the influence of the murtis of Vishnu in rituals, art, literature and religious culture in India.

The highlight of the book is the 230 color illustrations of Vishnu from numerous collectors and museums around the world. Articles in the book by noted historians of South Asian art delve deeply into the regional and sectarian traditions of Vishnu worship in India.

A sad part is that most of the beautiful murtis of Vishnu are not in temples but in museums and with art collectors around the world.

Vishnu Hinduism's Blue-Skinned Savior
Edited by Joan Cummins
Published by Mapin Publishing
Price – Rupees 3500/- / $ 75.00 / £ 45.00

The book is available online at Mapin Publishing at a discount price.

More details about the book can be found here at Mapin Publishing.