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Navagraha Peeda

Navagraha Peeda results from the bad positioning of Navgrah or nine planets in a person’s horoscope. The Navgrahas are Surya, Chandra, Mangal, Budh, Guru, Shukra, Shani, Rahu and Ketu. A person having Navagraha Peeda in horoscope will face health troubles. To alleviate it, astrologers suggest various observances, yantra, mantras and ratnas. Navagraha Peeda and its solutions are followed by people who believe in astrology. It must be noted that a vast majority of Hindus ignore the Navgraha Peeda. Those people going through Navagraha Peeda have to chant the particular mantra associated with the Graha and observe prayers and fast. For example a person suffering Surya Navagraha Peeda a person has to observe fast on Sunday, read the Ravivar Vrat Katha, donate clothes and feed a hungry person. Apart from this some people also wear gem stones for the particular graha.

Video Tour of Oldest Hindu Temple at Malacca in Malaysia

Malacca is one of the 13 states in Malaysia and Indian Tamil traders arrived in Malacca over 400 years ago. The first HinduTemple at Malacca was built in 1781 AD and is known as Sri Poyyatha Vinayagamoorthy temple. The main deities worshipped are Ganesh and Shiva. Today, the temple also has murtis of Murugan with Valli and Deivani, Mariamman, Sundareswarar, Sanieswarar, Vyravar, Rama and Sitha.
This video, produced by Aum Muruga Society of Sydney, Australia, on the 29th May 2011 shows the inside of the temple, puja performed by the priest and an interview with the priest. You can view the Video here or in the embedded format below.

Visit to the OLDEST Saiva Temple in Malaysia from Aum Muruga Society on Vimeo.
Thanks to Dr R Sri Ravindrarajah for providing this information.

Bhaum Vrat in Shravan Month in North India

Bhaum Vrat is observed on the first Tuesday after the Amavasya or no moon day in the Shravan month. Many Hindu communities in North India observe special rituals and prayers on the day. Bhaum Vrat 2018 date is August 14.

Bhaum Vrat is observed on the first Tuesday during the Shukla Paksha of Shravan month as per traditional Hindu calendars followed in North India.