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Gauri Teej in Magh Month – Magha Mahina Gouri Teej

Gauri Teej in Magh month is observed mainly in North India . The rituals on the day are dedicated to Goddess Shakti (Goddess Parvati who is also known as Gowri). Gauri Teej 2023 date is January 24. Teej refers to the third day of the lunar fortnight in a Hindu calendar. Gouri Teej is observed on the third day of the Shukla Paksha or waxing phase of moon in Magha Mahina. The rituals on the day are observed for prosperity and peace. The divine couple of Shiva and Parvati are worshipped on the day. An important Gauri Teej is observed in Chaitra month this is believed to be the marriage day of Shiva and Parvati. Gouri Teej is also observed in the month of Vaishakha (May) and Bhadrapad (September).