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Forms of Worship in Hindu Religion

Apart from performing daily pujas and worship at home. There are other forms of worship in Hindu religion.Sravanam: Sravana or listening is an important form of worship in Hindu religion. This includes listening to prayers, mantras, prayers, nama japa, listening to stories from scriptures, and participating divine discourse or Satsangs.Darshanam: Darshanam means seeing the divine in all animate and inanimate beings. Under this category comes visit to temples, sacred places, visiting saints, scholars and all those people who spread Dharma on earth. Keerthanam: Keerthanam includes chanting Om, mantras, sahasranamas, narrating scriptures to others etc.Smaranam: This is remembering the Brahman or Supreme Truth before all actions. Archanam: This includes offering flowers, food, leaves and other valuables to the almighty Vandanam or Namaskara: This is bowing and showing respect to divine present in all living and nonliving. Sevanam: Serving those that need our help including animals. Samarp…

Tukaram Abhang in Marathi – Read and Download Sri Tukaram Maharaj Abhang in Marathi

Tukaram Abhang is the devotional poems composed by Sri Tukaram Maharaj. Sant Tukaram is a 17th century saint-poet who is one of the greatest poets in Marathi language and one of the greatest saints of the Bhakti Cult in Maharashtra. Now you can read the Abhangs composed by Sri Tukaram Maharaj in Marathi online.A website dedicated to Sri Tukaram Maharaj is now providing the opportunity to read and download the abhangs of Sri Tukaram Maharaj.You can read and download Sri Tukaram Abhang in Marathi here.

Paramahamsa Prajnanananda Thoughts

If a bee goes from flower to flower for honey, how long does the bee stay with the flower? Only so long as there is honey in the flower. Similarly in spiritual life one goes to a teacher and practices and one should see if one progresses or not and if he is experiencing what the teacher promised. If the student is progressing he can learn something more from the teacher. Sometimes the teacher may send the student to some other teacher to practice. Sometimes the student may feel I have something more to learn and at that time the student can go, but without any confusion or doubt.We are human beings. God has given us a body. The body should be healthy and strong. God has given a mind – the mind should be peaceful and loving. God has given a family where we should live with love and cooperation. God has also given the opportunity to grow. So how to grow simultaneously with sound health, good mind, peaceful, loving relationship and at the same time spiritually with joy, happiness, calmne…