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Shri Vajreshwari Palki Festival 2024 Date

Shri Vajreshwari Palkhi is an important festival at the famous Vajreshwari Yogini Devi Temple in Thane District in Maharashtra. Shree Vajreshwari Palkhi Festival 2024 date is May 9 as per prominent Marathi calendars. On the day, a ceremonial procession of Goddess Vajreshwari is taken out on a palki or palanquin and thousands of people gather to visit this unique event.

Goddess Vajreshwari is an incarnation of Goddess Shakti. She is believed to have appeared from the weapon Vajra or thunder carried by Indra, the king of Demigods or Devas. She appeared to annihilate a demon named Kalikala.

The temple is an important center of Shakti worship in Maharashtra.

The temple is located at Vajreshwari, which is around 31 km from Vasai in Thane District. The temple is around 75 km from Mumbai.

It is observed on the first day during the Shukla Paksha of Vaishakh month as per traditional Hindu calendar followed in Maharashtra.