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Purushottam Kamala Ekadasi - Purusottami Ekadasi

Purshottam Kamala Ekadasi is observed during the Adhika Masa. The extra month that is added to Hindu Lunar calendar once in 30 months is also referred as Purushottam Masa in honor of Hindu God Vishnu. Purushottam Kamala Ekadasi 2023 date is July 29 and August 12. This Ekadasi is also referred as Parama Ekadasi.

All the usual rules observed during Ekadasi fasting are followed on the day.

The Ekadasi that is observed in the Adhik Masa or Purushottam Month is also referred as Purushottam Ekadasi. The term ‘Purusottami Ekadasi’ is more popular in Orissa.

Adhik Masa or Purushottam Mahina is associated with the Hindu Lunar Calendars. When there is such an occurrence instead of the usual 24 ekadasis in a Hindu Lunar Year there will be 26 Ekadasis. The two extra ekadasis in a lunar year is referred as Purusottami Ekadasi.