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Online Digital Library of Rare Sanskrit and Tantric Books with E-text Search Engine from Muktabodha

Online digital library of rare Sanskrit literary works, Indological books, pamphlets, texts, e-text search engine and consolidated catalog is the result of patient and dedicated work of the people associated with Muktabodha Indological Research Institute. The digital library initially focused on Kashmir Shaivism, then broadening to Trika Kaula, Saiva Siddhanta, Pancaratra, Natha Yoga and other Tantric works, in addition to manuscripts on Vedic Shrauta ritual.

To help researchers and enthusiasts in Indological studies an online catalog has been implemented which includes a search engine allowing sophisticated searches over its e-text collection.

On average about 4 or 5 new e-texts are added each month to the existing collection for more than Thirty five e-texts.

You can find more details about Muktabodha Digital Library here at the official website.

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