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Hindu God Budh – Navgraha Budha or Mercury

Hindu God Budh is one among the Navgrahas and is an important graha in the Hindu Vedic Astrology. Budha, or Mercury, is associated with wisdom and is believed to provide devotees with the correct discretionary power. This Navgrah is associated with intellect, language skills and education. Scholars, scientists and other learned people are known to worship him. Budha is believed to stay in a month in a zodiac sign and completes one cycle in a year.

Wednesday is the day associated with Budha.

As per Hindu scriptures, Budha’s father is moon or Chandra and mother is Tara.

Yellow is the color associated with Budha. He is shown to be wearing yellow garland, yellow clothes and gold crown.

The animal associated with Budha is Lion.

Lord Budha is depicted as having four arms – each arm holds sword, dhal, gada and one arm is varamudra pose.

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