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Use of Scientific Method in Hinduism (Sanatana Dharma)

In an article published in the Tattva Blog titled ‘Hinduism and the scientific method’, Jayant Avva, a PhD student, tries to prove that Sanatana Dharma is scientific. The spiritual techniques under the umbrella of Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism) follow the strict definition of science.Some excerpts from the article‘Is it possible to cognize one’s true nature by using a specific method delineated in the Vedic texts?’What is meant by true nature? What exactly do we seek to fathom here? One definition of true nature could be - that experience of yourself when you experience fullness, completeness, wholeness? Something is true if it is never false. Hence, one’s true nature must always be true.We have the consensus opinion of many spiritual masters that when established in our true nature, we experience a feeling of wholeness, completeness, fulfillment. There is no violation of scientific method in accepting a consensus definition of a term from a community of the adequate (people who have al…

Words of Wisdom – Swami Krishnananda

Name, fame, greed are the very skin of the person, and to peel the skin is very difficult. It requires a perfection of spirit in one’s own self.
What is to be a religious person? It is the planting of the consciousness of God in one’s own heart.
All religious studies, any kind of religious way of living, is preceded by a moral and ethical purificatory process. It is not easy to be religious. Going to a temple, fasting, sleeping late in the night, rolling the beads—this is not religion. Religion is the consciousness of God, and to the extent one is conscious of the presence of God, to that extent one is religious. It has nothing to do with political activity, social welfare work, and so on. Though there is no objection to it, it cannot be identified with religion. Religion is not one way of living, it is the only way of living, and it must inundate the whole personality of the person.
Swami Krishnananda Swami Krishnananda on how to do meditation on Om Swami Krishnananda Quotes

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