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Sri Chandrasekhara Swamigal on the Symbolism in the name Rama

There are two powerful ‘Araka Namas’. One is Aum and another is Ram. All mantras have to be prefixed with Aum for obtaining the benefits of those mantras, whereas there is no need to prefix Aum when the name 'Ram' is recited because the name itself is 'Tarka Namam.'Divine poet, composser and singer Tyagaraja, who recited Rama Nama, 960 million times and had His darshan, has said:The life letter of the five letter word ‘Nama Sivaya’ is ‘MA’. Similarly the life letter (Jeevaksharam) of the eight letter word 'Narayanaya' is ‘RA’. It is the combination of these two aksharas (letters) that produced the nama 'RAMA'.