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Bangalore Tirupati Package 2010 from Indian Railways

Rail Tourism India, the tourism arm of Indian Railways, has announced a new Bangalore Tirupati Package 2010 (from April 14, May and June 2010). The three-day tour includes accommodation at Tirupati, Cellar Darshan of Lord Balaji and visit to TiruchanuruSreePadmavathiAmmavaruTemple. You can also book for the tour package online. The rate for single, double and triple occupancy is Rs.1650/-The ItineraryDay 1 - DepartureBengaluruCity station by MYS-TPTY Fast passenger (Train Number213) at 20:15 hours.DAY 02 - Arrival at Tirupati at 05.30 hrs. Reception at Railway station and transfer to Srinivasam guest house at Tirupati. Check in room. Departure to Tirumala after break fast. Cellar Darshan of Lord Sree Balaji. Back to Srinivasam at around 14.00 hrs. Lunch at Srinivasam guest house. Visit of Tiruchanuru (for darshan of Sree Padmavathi ammavaru). Dinner at Srinivasam at 20.-00 hrs. Departure to Railway station at 20.30 hrs. Boarding of train No 214 Mysore passenger. Departure of the train…

Rules Regarding Shradha and Tarpan during Adhika Masa

There is an Adhika Masa or Adhik Masam in 2015 from June 17 to July 16 and here are the general rules followed in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh regarding performing Shradha, Tarpan and other funeral rituals. In Kannada and Telugu calendars, the extra month is the Adhik Bhadrapad month.
The yearly Shraddha occurring in  Bhadrapad  Masa should be only performed in the Nija  Bhadrapad  Masam not in the Adhik month.
The first yearly Shraddham of the person who died in the  Bhadrapad  month last year should be performed in the Adhika  Bhadrapad  Masa.
The monthly Shradha of those expired in  Bhadrapad  month should be performed in both Adhik and Nija  Bhadrapad  month.
If the 12th Masika occurs in Adhika, then after performing 12th Masika in Adhika Bhadrapad and in Nija  Bhadrapada, Prathama Abdika should be performed in the14th Month.
Darsha Shraddha, Nitya Shraddha, Yugadi-Manvadi Shraddha should be performed in both Adhika and Nija  Bhadrapad  Masa.
Prati-Samvatsarika Shraddha of those …

Swami Tapovan Maharaj Teachings

A man with his two sons was walking through a field. He was holding one of his children in his arm while the other clasped his other hand walking along with him. As they walked they spotted a kite in the sky. The one holding the hand of the father let go of it and started clapping his hands with excitement at the sight of the kite. Doing so he tripped and fell. Hurting himself he started crying loudly. The other safe in the father's arm also indulged in joyfully clapping his hands with great excitement but did not stumble and get hurt.The boy who tripped and got hurt represent self help with regards to spirituality and the other who was safe in the father's arm represents surrender.When one indulges in self help in spirituality, one is caught up in the sense of doer-ship which further binds. But when one surrenders, he is on the road to freedom which bestows bliss.