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On Offering with Devotion

On one occasion, a devotee bought a small piece of cheap cloth for the Divine Mother’s worship. Latu Maharaj was very upset. He remarked: ‘Throw away that cloth. It is too short. Why did you buy such a cheap one? Always offer a good cloth to the Mother, and if you cannot afford it, say with tears: “Mother, I am unable to offer anything to you. Please forgive me.”Some people buy cheap, flimsy cloth, rotten fruit, or stale sweets for the worship of the Lord. Why do you offer the Lord these things which you yourself don’t want to use or eat? It is better not to worship at all than to do worship negligently. He who offers the Lord’s things to the Lord with joy and love is really fortunate. The Lord does not accept anything that is not presented with devotion.’Swami Adbhutananda